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March 272 News and Rumors

Ice thaws and the continent begins to spring back to life. Throughout the land, people leave their homes and local taverns and the flow of news spreads like wildfire. It seems that the people of Mardun made great plans during the cold months and they are now ready to put them publicly in motion.

Clan Shattered Spear released a proclamation regarding the lands of the former Clan Riverhead. Some years ago before the creation of the outposts that make up The Shield of Mardrun, a large warband of Mordok swept into Riverhead lands and decimated their populace. In the end Riverhead was unable to maintain its clan and was restructured as Pack Riverhead and taken in by their neighbor Clan Shattered Spear. Now years later, Pack Riverhead feels that it is time to try to return to their ancestral homelands. They know that they do not have the numbers or strength to maintain a Clan of their own, but Shattered Spear has seen the benefits of returning these Ulven to their home. Clan Riverhead will be reconstituted as a vassal state of Clan Shattered Spear. Shattered Spear will aid in the clearing and resettling of their lands and in return Riverhead will exist as a sub-Clan under their banners and protection much in the way The Watchwolves of Luna exist as a protectorate of Clan Grimward. The process will take some time, but the Ulven of Riverhead are excited to return home, even if it is as vassals to their once neighbor Clan.


The Council of Newhope has released a proclamation as well.

“To the People of Newhope,
We of the Council feel that it is in the best interest of the people that we remain open and truthful with all of the citzens of Newhope. We have heard the discontent in the voices of the Syndar citizens of Newhope and we understand that it may feel that in the loss of Celestial Arragones that the Syndar have lost their voice on the Council. We want you all to know that this is not true. It was never the intention of The Council to remove the voice of any people and as soon as we had sentenced Celestial Arragones, we began the process of promoting a new Syndar voice to the council. We tell you this now because our process is nearing completion. We have selected the final candidate and, should they agree to the terms and responsibilities of service, over the course of this next month we will be finalizing the procedures and will be officially promoting a fresh, new Syndar voice to The Council of Newhope. We remain hopeful and excited as we look toward the bright future of our collective people.
The Newhope Council”


Bad news spreads from a small village in Clan Goldenfield. Gudrun Whiteoak, the Daughter of Gaia that had gone missing on her way to the Daughter’s Summit in January was found dead not twenty paces from a major roadway. It seems the falling snow had kept her body hidden until the thaw came and melted away her icy funerary trappings. Gudrun was found with no marks of struggle on her body and was taken away to a local surgeon so they could try to uncover what caused her death. The surgeon found traces of poison in her veins and turned her over immediately to a local Daughter of Gaia to purify her body before it would be returned to Whiteoak to be burned. The Daughter of Gaia found something even more alarming when she came to cleanse the body. From what she was able to tell, Gudrun had been hollowed and it appears to have happened before she died. Clan Whiteoak has sent a group of investigators to Clan Goldenfield in an attempt to uncover the perpetrators of this heinous crime. Naturally Clan Goldenfield has pledged to help Whiteoak find those responsible.

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