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March 268

Spring is here, but it seems the icy grip of winter is extremely reluctant to release the world just yet. The citizens of Mardrun slowly are clawing their way out of their snow covered huts and retaking the world.


In the north, the remnants of the former Order of the Fist have been fighting hard and long along the Shield. Many among the patrols that make up the shield notice that these devoted warriors are camping in canvas tents, wearing thick furs and hides under and over their chain and plate. Day by day they wake up, don their gear, and fight off a group of mordok. Each time they become a little more injured, and a little more wounded, and a little thinner. When a small patrol from Nightriver approached and offered them some spare food, they gladly took only what was offered and fed it to those who needed it to most, down to those who needed it least. Many are curious if they will even survive this crusade, or as some ulven are calling it, a death march.


Word from Davin’s Hold is that a freshly formed unit of Vandregonian’s, and they are continuing their training into soldiers who can effectively use a shield wall. Some others within the unit are working on scouting, and others are working on becoming marksmen with bow and crossbow. Whatever their desire, this unit that is forming is quickly gaining form, and may be the start of a slow and return of the Vandregonian preasense on Mardrun.


The researcher’s in the Celestial Arragones’ library are all a blaze with more questions than they have answers for with the reveal of the Syndar cache. What did they exactly research and why on the ulven? Where did they go? What northern research site? These seem to be the main questions that continue to float around the library as scribes, scholars, researchers, and many others focus madly on finding out the answers.


Clan Stormjarl seems to have taken up defensive positions along its borders and coastlines. Many Jarl’s and Hersir’s are scrambling to get organized and prepare for a possible retaliation against them due to the many raids taken against their Northern Grimward foes. Other clan’s have voiced that Clan Stormjarl may be reaping what they sowed. Others are secretly hoping that they succeed and hold off or even get away with what they did. Only a few clans simply don’t care, rather focusing on their own problems.


In the Pass in the Great Wolf Hackles, a name is being whispered, some with reverience, others in fear. It seems the Dread Pirate Captain Morty has assembled small band of bandits and loyal followers and have built up a sizable amount of supplies over the winter’s raids. Slowly other bandit parties and bands are recognizing the infamous name and figure a the head of this new venture, some are even rumored to be offering alliances. However, to true number of supporters that Captain Morty has at his beck and call is unknown.

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