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March 267

Following the news of the fracturing of the Council of Ten, much of the work in the city-state has slowed. Politicians swarm like vultures to help fill the power vacuum left by Governess Katherine, Lady Al-Azarma, and Baron Montesque, hoping to pick the bones clean after their employers have had their fill. Grand Duke Richards seems to be doing his part to keep the city-state running, taking a more hands-on approach with policies and showing his face more frequently to keep the populace satisfied and relaxed. Celestial Arragonnes has also been more of a public figure, as many speculate that she may be best suited for the position vacated by Katherine.


The Shield of Mardrun has been established and the initial pushes into the Swamp to combat the Mordok have begun: Clan Shattered Spear, bolstered not only by their recent absorption of Clan Riverhead, but also by reinforcements from Clan Grimward, has led the charge. Their assaults have caught the Mordok off guard and have proven surprisingly effective. To the east, however, Clan Whiteoak has struggled to keep pace with their neighbor. Harassed by Clan Axhound to the south, they have been unable to devote the necessary troops to the Shield of Mardrun. To make matters worse, Clan Stormjarl has refused to lend their substantial martial might to any front where it might directly benefit Clan Grimward. It seems that the wounds inflicted during the civil war have not yet healed.


Clan Squallborn, still reeling from the harsh winter and the loss of much of their farmland, has been able to cling to hope on the back of wagons sent from Clan Whiteoak and from around Mardrun, keeping their demoralized civilians fed throughout the season. As the snow melts, they have also set about establishing new farms. This effort has put them back in a stable position moving forward. Times may be tough, but they will be manageable with proper planning and rationing.

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