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March 264 – News & Rumors

The colony of Newhope has sprung to life this past month: talk of the election to decide upon a single leader has caused a bit of a rift between supporters of Baroness Catherine, who is seen as the more compassionate choice by her supporters, and those of Baron Richards, who see their candidate as a strong-willed leader. The Council is split, as are the people, and it is likely that the happenings of upcoming months could sway votes in one direction or the other.

Clan Nightriver has begun sending out hawks, arriving quickly to the leaders of many of the groups of the Coalition. A dinner is to be held in Ironmound territory, in order to decide once and for all where said clan’s allegiance will lie in this war. Clan Ironmound would be an invaluable ally in the war, as they hold a highly defensible location and have the ability and the knowledge to mine and work the highest quality steel found on Mardrun. Nightriver is seeking attendees who might best represent their interests and hopefully sway the council which governs Ironmound.

Rumors of a small band of Mordok roaming the Great Forest have once again emerged. Some even claim that the dozen or so of the black beasts were able to decimate a Riverhead warpack, although Riverhead refuses to validate this story, or even acknowledge the band’s presence. A Steinjotunn warpack, itching for battle and glory, departs into the Forest to put an end to the rumors one way or another.

Clan Axhound, the most recent ally in the war against Grimward, has reported increased aggression along their northern border with Clan Whiteoak, although they attribute this to the spring thaw. Several reports seemed odd, however, making a point to note that there have been very few sightings of Whiteoak Daughters of Gaia near the battles, even behind the lines.

The Lions of Arnath’s Fist, after abandoning their post in the pass through the Wolf’s Hackles, have decided to once again try their hand at requesting aid. They are in dire need of help to get their keep back into operational condition, be it bodies, supplies, or silver. At the moment, they cannot promise a return on the investment, save the knowledge that Arnath will watch over those who protect his Pride.

News spreads like wildfire throughout the continent: Grimward has taken the Watchwolf Western Settlement. Many defenders fought valiantly, assisted by the honor, supplies, and superior armor of Vandregon, gripping to their weapons until their dying breath, inflicting a significant amount of damage to the Grimward war machine. Others escorted the refugees to safely reach the Eastern settlement. Still more, devoted to their sacred charge, laid down their weapons in order to remain in their homes, now honor-bound to Clan Grimward.

A shadow in the fog has been sighted along the shore of a number of coastal settlements, most notably the Fire Isle of the Phoenix Enclave and Key’s Crossing of the Mardrun Trading Consortium. Too tall and oddly shaped for an Ulven longship, and with all ships belonging to the colonists being accounted for, the ghost ship has many sailors uneasy about taking to the sea this month.

Duke Joakim Ventrini made no effort to hide his trip into Clan Steinjotunn territory this past month, almost seeming to announce his presence. Various sources report various reasons. Some say he needed some fresh air to think about the upcoming election, while others posit that he was an ambassador of good will, attempting to sway the clan into the coalition. While his true intentions may not be known, his whereabouts most certainly were.

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