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March 23rd – Ulven Civil War Combat Event

The civil war between the Ulven rages on and several key battles took place around Mardrun.

The Mountain Pass
A team of Watchwolf Clan and Pack Longfang warriors moved to the mountain pass that runs through the middle of the Great Wolf’s Hackles. Several Clan Grimward camps were established to hold the pass to try and cut off reinforcements from the Newhope Colony and Clan Nightriver to the south. The team struck quickly and overwhelmed encampments and killed all of the Grimward warriors there. The fighting was going well until several signal horns were blown, alerting some of the patrolling Grimwards in the area. They rushed to the pass to help out the camps and counter attacked the Watchwolf and Longfang warriors. Brutal and heavy fighting broke out as shield walls clashed and warriors picked each other apart. The veteran warriors of the Watchwolves and Longfangs outmatched the Clan Grimward warriors and casualties were a minimum with only two deaths. In contrast, Clan Grimward suffered close to eighty casualties after the fighting stopped. Numerous Watchwolf and Longfang warriors were terribly wounded and unable to continue fighting, but the pass was taken from Clan Grimward.

Raid on Watchwolf Lands
Khulgar Graytide and his elite Pack Graytide warriors led an attack on Watchwolf lands to the North. A small village was overwhelmed and quickly destroyed, all the village militia and guards killed in the frenzy of Clan Grimward’s assault. An organized defense was created at the next village and both sides tried to exchange terms and insults as they moved into position. Khulgar offered the defenders a chance to surrender, but it was stoically refused. Lycon Graytide led the charge into the village and a fierce fight broke out. Many warriors were slain by both sides as the fighting continued to wear on. In the end, Clan Grimard pushed the defenders out of the village but only after taking a serious beating and losing many warriors in the process. Clan Grimward now has a firm foothold in Watchwolf territory, but had to pay for every inch with blood.

Stopping an Alliance
A strike team of Ulven and colonists was formed and sent deep into enemy lines to try and intercept and kill a Clan Grimward Chieftan who was on his way to discuss terms of surrender with Clan Stormjarl. The team slipped passed Grimward lines under the cover of darkness and coordinated their attack. When the Grimward camp was ambushed, the attackers soon learned that their was no Chieftan but instead of an influencial Daughter of Gaia and her retinue. Fearing political backlash for murdering an important Daughter, the fighting halted as both groups tried to discuss it out. Grimward warriors were sworn to protect the Daughter of Gaia and wished to drive out the attackers but the Daughter insisted on talking it out. A lone Coywolf hunter calmed the situation, saying that the war is not what it seems and that the colonists have complied with Ulven wishes. The Daughter agreed to discuss the matter in detail with the Coywolf, who was then knocked out by a Grimward guard and bound. The fighting broke out again as Grimward guards began to drive the attackers out. A small team was able to return and slip back across into friendly territory but a large number of Clan Nightriver volunteers were killed or captured during the fight.

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