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March 23rd 2019 – Watchwolf Village Adventure Event

Story Event Info

After last month’s political assembly, all of Mardrun is abuzz with rumors as to what is going on. Could the revelation of Celestial Arragones, that Syndar had visited Mardrun long ago, be true? While some draw correlation between events such as a common knowledge and existing similar symbolisms, a cry of outrage has erupted by some of the Ulven people. Not only has their recent history been shattered by the arrival of the colonists and the proof of the Lorespeaker Conspiracy, this new revelation again questions the history of the Ulven people. Several loud voices have begun to question these theories and have called for others to denounce them.

However, what is true is the existence of some undeniable evidence and places that have been noted as holding some sort of importance. Research of ancient Ulven texts point towards a “cache” of importance in the western Watchwolf territory. A Research Expedition is being put together to travel to the area detailed by Celestial Arragones and her scholars. A hawk has been sent to a local Chieftain to try to see if they will cooperate and they have agreed; this cache is actually something their people have kept hidden for a very long time, but they have not been able to possess the ability to open it.

The Watchwolves seem intent on helping in any way that they can. Considering the guarding of this cache a part of the former Clan’s sacred duties to the Ulven people, they feel that they must help in discovering what it could mean. They have replied via hawk to the Celestial’s scholars that they know the location of this cache and that it is cryptic, difficult to understand, and has several security functions that suggest tampering with it is dangerous. Rumor has it that not every Watchwolf is viewing the hosting of this expedition favorably; it seems that some of them have mixed feelings on how the Ulven Civil War turned out.

Unfortunately, the previous territories of the Watchwolves of Luna were conquered by Clan Grimward during the Ulven Civil War. Exploring this location of note would mean walking straight into Clan Grimward territory. The Watchwolf Chieftain who has pledged to help is attempting to stall local Clan Grimward concerns about colonists in their lands and have given “guest rights” to the Research Expedition. While this may keep most of Clan Grimward’s forces at bay, it is only a matter of time before the Watchwolves can no longer hold back ambitious Grimward Chieftains who may wish to confront the Expedition or get involved in what is going on in the Clan’s territories.

It is a race against time to discover the answers that could gain access to the cache.

After Event Summary

The beginning of the day was tense as the two sides of the Watchwolves interacted with the colonists. Few words were shared, but many actions were taken as the group of adventurers helped the Truthseeker as well as the Researcher from Celestial Arragones.  Many came lightly equipped, expecting the expedition to help open this Lorespeaker cache to not carry many martial threats, but rather came with the power of knowledge and magic to help discover what truths have been hidden for countless years. Rituals were completed in time to divine the location of the long lost keys, rituals that seemed only to speak themselves to the most powerful of the Syndar ritualists. The tablet that had lain dormant in the protection of the Watchwolves for generations, came alive in the presence of the Syndar.

In the outing to locate the first of the three missing keys, the land proved itself to be more hazardous than anticipated. Icy water stood in many areas of the landscape, sitting above the ankle at it’s shallow points, and well up to the waist as it grew deeper.  Many bodies were soaked with the land’s icy chill and all could feel it penetrate deep to their bones. However, they persevered and headed towards the first divined area of where one of the keys  was hidden.  It was then that they were set upon by Lorespeakers and those sworn or indebted to them. Words were had, but it eventually came to combat as the Lorespeaker agents descended upon the group. While there were no major injuries other than some dented armor and some light wounds, it was now clear that the expedition became more dangerous than anticipated.

When the location of the second key was divined, the adventurers took to the trails with a more martial mindset. The Lorespeaker agents again struck out with ferocity and determination. Through the pointed efforts of the adventurers and researchers, the key was located and the antagonizing forces were held back long enough to allow everyone to escape, though they did so along the shortest path available to them,  through thigh high icy cold water.

The third outing was one of frustration for both the researchers and those protecting them from the Lorespeaker forces. However, time, grit, and patience prevailed, and the third piece of the puzzle was finally discovered and then quickly returned to the encampment so that it could be examined and worked into the puzzle so that the cache could be opened. Through the combined efforts of the Ulven and Syndar people, with a degree of aid from their Human counterparts, portions of the puzzle were translated and the meanings of the riddles that obscured the placement and orientation of the keys were uncovered. Together in a ritual, a Syndar and two Ulven worked in tandem to unlock the tablet.

The Truthseeker thanked the adventurers for their help and announced that he would be returning to his village immediately to be sure that the tablet was kept safe. Several people volunteered to escort him home for both his and the tablet’s safety. As they made their preparations to exit the camp a call came from the edge of the outpost.  Several agents of the Lorespeaker forces pressed through the deep water descended upon the encampment and began to attack in earnest in hopes of stopping those who wished to dig up a past they thought best left buried. The Researcher and Truthseeker were able to escape unharmed with the puzzle and get to the location of the cache.  While the rest of the encampment fought hard to kill the Lorespeakers that rushed them. There were some more wounds taken, but no one heard the call of the afterlife just yet, the day was won.

As for the cache itself, the Researcher was rather shocked, for after some quick glances and very cursory research, came to the realization that this cache was Syndar in origin rather than Ulven as previously thought. Within were some very delicate and ancient scrolls and notes left by whatever Syndar came to this land, and within these notes were some odd mentions of their activities, though they were often vague on details, they offered much insight into their motives..

Most of the notes seemed to be detailing various readings of arcane energies, but one set of pages seemed to be the most prominent. Though the scroll was in rough shape from it’s years spent in the cache, Arragones’ researchers were able to clean and translate most of the text.:

Siala Kai nu, Children of Solar and Lunara, to the land we have named Mardrun.

On this small and distant land, you will find much that will bring you curiosity the same as we have. We have le_________    ____ these brief notes on ____ _____ _ ______ ____ and our reasons for doing so. It is our sincerest hope that our notes here will help you to find your bearings on what must look to you to be a savage and untamed land. Once you are properly oriented we hope to see you. Recent breakthroughs in our research have caused us to call all of our people to our Northern _______ _______, near to what we have come to call The  ___xus. I could not start to explain my excitement to share the fruits of our labors with you, brothers and sisters. That time, however has not yet come. Take our words and see us soon.

When we first arrived on this land we were unsure what we would encounter. We did not assume that there would be other sentient beings here, but on that note we were quickly proven wrong. The native peoples of these lands, whom we found refer to themselves as the Ulven, are entirely different from us. And we have found them as a people fascinating in multiple aspects. 

First most is their noted ability to channel both Arcane and Divine energies. Our people have made attempts to research how they do this, but through questions and observations we have not been able to determine how it is that they accomplish this feat. It seems as though these people don’t see a difference in the schools of magic. All magic is simply magic to them. This is fascinating, if not frustrating.

Secondly their physiology, it seems to have adapted to become extremely resilient to the venomous fauna and many poisonous flora on this land, so if they do become stricken with aliment, it is either shortened or the effects seem to take longer to begin their cycle. After some _____ on _____ we have discovered that the liver secretes ________ ______ than our Syndar kind. Which allows for ______ ____ of the foreign____. Also the blood seems to be ____ ___ _______ ___  than what we anticipated, which may explain it’s ability to endure venom.  They are a hardy people through and through and what they lack in civilization and proper culture, they make up for with strength of both body and will.

As a society it seems that they are very similar to our lesser Feral kin, tribal and primitive in their actions and structure. They have yet to _____ ______ ___  _____ with magic but have the potential to do so. They seem to follow a high priestess, or some sort of a female shaman, that is then followed by a chieftain. Together these two help guide their tribe through the wilds and survive. They seemed to have structured themselves in to “clans” and smaller groups within which they call “packs.”  It seems to be a society of the strongest leads their “clan” and makes decisions for that clan. Some clans have been noted to have a new Clan Leader every fortnight. Overall this seems to be a culture where the one who is most powerful has the right to lead their people. Physical strength determines the rightful chieftain and spiritual strength determines the most rightful priestess.

As for their religion we have found that the belief of the Ulven people is quite malleable. Gods are not set in stone and it seems that stories and words can easily shape and define their religions. The pack that you are no doubt surrounded by now has taken a strong liking to our gods, Solar and Lunara. It was through sharing our gods with them we were able to bridge the culture gap between our people and settle into a friendly relationship. That is not to say that the Ulven did not have their own divinity when we arrived. We have found that they have belief in _ _____ who ______ the important aspects of life and death. Life, Death, and ______. We have found this fascinating, their beliefs…their malleability, it has great potential for helping in our desires to help the Syndar.  We can expand more on this at our northern research station. Things have quickly grown incredibly interesting.

As you may know: Our Reason for being here is a simple desire, with complex questions and even more complex potential answers. Simply put; we are seeking to end the Syphoning. We discovered this land through an oddity in a divination ritual while on Faedrun. A ritual was developed by a team of Reclaimant Scholars to pin-point areas where the Siphoning seemed to be strongest. Upon completion this ritual did not point to any known lands or areas of Faedrun, instead it continually pointed far out into the seas off the eastern coasts. Given that there was no known land to the east in the ocean, the majority of scholars assumed that there must have been a mistake somewhere in the ritual itself. This one, along with my research team believed that there was a reason we were being aimed this direction. Though we were ridiculed for our choice we prepared our supplies and chartered passage eastward. Our colleagues maligned our efforts and hardly anyone came to the docks to see us off.. We sailed eastward and landed on a beach near this spot and found this land to be untouched by our people and our gods. The Ulven that we met did not have a name for this land, seeming confused by the question itself. We named this land Mardrun, or in trade speech: The Untouched Land.

After we had settled and made friends with the Ulven race we set into our research of the siphoning. It seemed as though ___ _____ _____ _____ was a major factor in leading to the siphoning itself. We explained this to our new Ulven friends and through their help developed a sort of pylon that was capable of reclaiming the mana that was being lost to the Siphoning. We found that one pylon would not be enough and instead we would have to build a network of these pylons, all linked, all looking to draw in this lost mana so that we could find a way of returning it to the mana stream. We as a way to test our hypothesis we set up a network in the north-central area of the continent. The southern most pylon was placed near a massive freshwater lake in a forest of large trees. The northern most pylon was placed nearly at the north most point of the continent, when you arrive at our station we will happily show you how it functions. We are ecstatic to say that our pylons seem to be functioning almost exactly as we had intended. We have reclaimed lost mana and we have sent it to the ___xus. This breakthrough has lead to a new  thoughts and new ideas, all of which more grand than the last, and all so very well within our reach. This is why we have recalled all of our scholars to our Northern ______ ______. This one simply cannot wait to share the fruits of our continued research with you and hopes that this small taste has stoked your curiosity.

This one does apologize for the lack of thorough explanation, however we can only fit so much in this cache and the glorious extent of our progress really must be seen to be properly understood. So much has happened in such a short period of time. Take time to orient yourself on Mardrun, but then please come north, and we will reveal so much more to you on our plans and efforts to elevate our people.

May Solar and Lunara bless you and your travels north,

In their pen and hand,

Celestial Galwarchar, High Arcanus, Prime Scholar of Mardrun, Bringer of Divinity, Ulven Friend

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