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March 22, 2014 – Clan Stormjarl Combat Event

March 2014 Event

== STORY ==
As Clan Grimward continues its conquest of Clan Stormjarl, the Coalition forces have devised a plan to bring ships to the main Stormjarl settlement in order to evacuate villagers and wounded warriors. This will take time as different factions and groups coordinate how to do this as the bitter winter continues to grip the continent.

The leaders of the Coalition have recently had numerous meetings and discussions with delegates from the Ulven Clans. There has been increased involvement from previously neutral clans and there seems to be forward progress towards uniting some of the Ulven clans against Clan Grimward.

As the warriors and allies of Stormjarl prepare for some of the most brutal fighting of the winter, allies elsewhere on the continent are traveling north to meet with some of the neutral clans. Clan Shattered Spear has been very quiet during the civil war and a team of adventurers is being sent out to meet with them.

Scenario 1
With the fight to the north against the Watchwolf Clan stalled, Clan Grimward is pushing hard into the territories of Clan Stormjarl to the south. With the bridges destroyed and aid mostly cut off, the outlying villages and settlements of Stormjarl have fallen to the Grimward conquerors. Reports of Stormjarl villagers being taken prisoner have reached the main settlement. War packs, wounded or routed from the heavy fighting, have continued to fall back towards the southern settlements as Stormjarl desperately tries to maintain a defensive line. Without aid from their allies across the river, the situation looks grim. There have been talks of surrendering to Clan Grimward in order to spare the destruction of more settlements, but word has reached the Clanleader that allies are coming by sea and are due to arrive soon. Pack Longfang, entrenched in the fight since the beginning of the winter, is in the thick of the conflict and prepares to defend the line with the remaining Stormjarl war packs.
Stormjarl and Longfang warriors are attempting to stop war packs of Clan Grimward warriors from pushing too deep into Stormjarl territory. The main route into the last Stormjarl settlement is to be defended at all costs in order to buy the villagers and wounded warriors time to reach the shores. It will take weeks for the boats to move people over into allied territory and the bitter cold will help the defenders delay the invaders. The fighting is expected to be very brutal as Grimward pushes in to conquer Stormjarl territory before the spring thaw.

After choosing to stay after being relieved of their honor debt service to Clan Stormjarl, Pack Longfang was at the front of the defensive line for this battle. Clan Grimward war packs moved in quickly and picked away at the defenses around the main route into the settlement for several hours. Warriors were killed on both sides, but the defenses held strong. Soon after that, the fighting became very intense as the main force of Clan Grimward arrived. As more and more warriors fell, the Pack Longfang line was pushed back and the Stormjarl militia attempted to fill in the holes in the defensive line. Wave after wave of Clan Grimward warriors were repelled and kept away from the settlement, but the cost was heavy and bloody. Pack Longfang was decimated and the last two dozen warriors were killed, leaving only a couple of survivors in critical condition with mortal wounds. Clan Stormjarl reformed their defenses and pushed back the Grimward attack, and the bloodiest battle in the Ulven Civil War, the Battle of Blackwolf Creek, was finally over.

Scenario 2
A team of adventurers has been tasked with traveling to Clan Shattered Spear in order to establish communication with them. Shattered Spear has been rather quiet in regards to the civil war compared to some of the other clans. Rumors have circulated that Shattered Spear is struggling because of some hardship that grips them and several merchants have reported that an organized bandit group has moved into Shattered Spear territory. This team of adventurers is to establish a connection with a Chieftan or Priestess of one of the packs of Shattered Spear and find out if there is a way to help their clan. If this is successful, it may be enough to sway this clan into supporting Clan Nightriver and the colonists.

When the team of adventurers, composed mainly of Rangers from Crow’s Landing and soldiers from Vandregon, arrived at the village it was almost completely evacuated. A Clan Shattered Spear Chieftain was still in the area overseeing the final part of his villager’s evacuation. Accompanying him were several guards and a Clan Shattered Spear witch. They spoke of a strange illness that was spreading through Shattered Spear territory. Similar to previous outbreaks of disease, this particular kind was different and difficult for the Daughters of Gaia to fight with their divine powers. A group of humans showed up, claiming to live in the area, and it was quickly learned that they were the organized bandit group the Clan Shattered Spear contact had talked about. The Vandregon liaison who went to talk with the bandits was taken hostage and ransomed back to the other adventurers. When the Shattered Spear Chieftain left with his guards and went north to a nearby village, the adventurers abandoned the village as bandits moved through and attacked and looted everything in sight. The village was ransacked quickly of all useful supplies, several adventurers almost killed, and the bandits returned to their nearby outpost.

Click here for pictures from the event!

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