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March 2023 – Mysteries of the Village

Following the destruction of the bizarre dual idols in Clan Shattered Spear territory in January of this year, the villagers were able to return to their homes. The small smattering of unsavory individuals in the area had been cleansed of their strange illness and sent along their way. Not long went by before a report came from the village. It seems there was still a degree of ambient corruption in the area, though its source was not immediately observable. Worse yet the villagers reported that they had seen small groups of Mordok stalking through the woods at night. Word was sent out to gather a team to return to the area and cleanse the land of its blight.

In the following weeks the reports from the village grew fewer and farther between, but those that did were increasingly disturbing. By the end there was a report from a traveling merchant who tried to journey to the village, but he was unable to get close. Before he was even in eyesight, his cart was pelted with arrows from the treeline. He ran back the direction he came and heard voices jeering and insulting him as he did. He couldn’t make out everything they said, but swears they told him, “Go back to your swamp!”

Clan Shattered Spear leadership has taken these strange stories seriously and has again requested the aid of Truthseekers from Clan Spiritclaw as well as any other people willing to help to suss out the matter at hand and cleanse the land once and for all.


Many gathered under the request of Clan Shattered Spear and returned to the thought-to-be-cleansed village. It became quickly apparent that there were still pockets of ambient corruption dotting the landscape and crews quickly set to work to locate them all so that they may be properly cleansed. During these outings small bands of Mordok were seen stalking through the woods, but far more alarming was the sight of the people of the nearby village. They immediately seemed off in some way that would come into focus the more they were interacted with.

Before long, the villagers shouted curses and brandished weapons at the adventurers, telling them things like that they should go back to their swamp and that Shattered Spear would never stand down from a fight. It became evidently clear that something had warped the minds of these villagers and they now saw what should be their allies as Mordok invaders. Additionally these villagers seemed to show some degree of reverence for the Mordok in the area. They were heard calling them “Nature Spirits” and “Land Wights”. They gave them a great berth on the trails, but at one point were seen coming to their aid in the fight.

The rest of the day was plagued by the presence of these strange villagers. The Shattered Spear Hersir and the rest of the adventurers made attempts to peacefully speak with them, or to try to capture them alive, but in the end they were unable to do so. All of this being said the day was not lost. All of the ambient corruption was stamped out and in the final hours a scout was able to at the least confirm the presence of a large corruption idol in the center of the mysterious village.

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