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March 18th, 2017 – Sticks and Stones



With the onset of the spring thaw, the mordok previously sighted in the Great Forest have finally made their move. Clan Riverhead calls for urgent help; mordok have come out of the forest in unprecedented numbers and are employing a simple but devastating mob-like strategy. It is unknown how the Mordok were able to move these types of numbers into the great forest undetected, and any estimates as to their numbers are quickly proven to be in error as yet even more of the monsters emerge from the trees. Allies are anticipated to send warriors to the aid of Clan Riverhead, but the intensity of the attack from the mordok may reveal to them a destroyed Clan before they even have a chance to arrive. Nearby warpacks of Clan Shattered Spear to the west, Pack Goldenfield to the east, and groups of adventurers or mercenaries that have caught wind of the situation on the road have moved to help the people of Clan Riverhead. However, this early on the fighting means that the best these defenders can hope for is to stall the mordok while the people of Riverhead evacuate.

An impromptu battle line has formed near the edge of the Great Forest and south of the main settlement of Clan Riverhead. Riverhead’s largest settlement has already fallen to the mordok and its people are on the run. With the goal of holding back the tide, the line is sparse and many villages are located beyond its protection.

Clan Shattered Spear warriors have deployed to the west to defend and Clan Goldenfield to the east. Your group has taken up the center of the defensive line and has been assigned a small group of Clan Riverhead support personnel and a unit of Clan Riverhead Militia has been assigned to act as your reserve.

Your task is simple… hold the line. Hold for as long as possible to give the people of Clan Riverhead the best chance to escape and survive.


As the Riverhead warriors and refugees were beset by Mordok, many started to lose hope: with nowhere safe and no way to fight back in earnest against the numbers they faced, they were prepared to flee or meet their deaths. Fortunately, adventurers from across Mardrun, accompanied by warriors of Pack Longfang arrived on the scene to lend them aid. Wave after wave of Mordok crashed against the newly reformed shield wall, wearing down the defenders and their equipment for hours. Perseverance and teamwork won the day as the Riverhead refugees were protected long enough to regroup and make their way to relative safety. What could have been a complete slaughter of Clan Riverhead has been tempered into a battle for the lands of the Clan. Although the mordok were outright defeated by the rallied defenders, there is no telling how much more the current mordok threat has to offer.



After the recent announcement from Lord Baron Richards as to the decided upon Great Work, the City-State of Newhope has wasted no time. The newly sovereign City-State has committed to an ambitious project of infrastructure improvements within their territories the likes of which has never been seen on Mardrun. Central to the first phase of improvements is a highway linking all of the major settlements within Newhope territory. Along the path of the proposed highway, locations are being identified to provide basic amenities and shelter to travelers, workers, traders, and soldiers alike. Abandoned farmsteads are being reclaimed, and hamlets previously consisting of a mere handful of buildings are suddenly finding themselves hubs of activity.

If successful, travel in Newhope territory will become much easier on merchants, travelers, and soldiers on patrol.

You have made your way to one of these hamlets to partake in the lucrative contracts available to both skilled tradesmen and unskilled laborers alike. Take care in your approach for while hard work will be rewarded with silver, profiteering and theft have been rampant and will be rewarded with coin of a different color.


Following the decision to expand the infrastructure of the Newhope territory beginning with a Great Highway stretching from Starkhaven to Crow’s Landing, construction began at a number of sites along the way. At one site in particular several laborers came together to begin clearing the paths for construction, offering what skills they had to speed the process along and make some silver in the meantime. Though the areas have reported an increase in bandit activity in recent months and the workers were on guard against such interruptions, the tasks seemed to go rather smoothly, excepting a handful of wanted posters and the arrival of a few troublemakers. While there is still much work to be done before the project is complete, the beginnings of the Great Highway have started to take shape. It is evident that although the Great Work continues, security and maintaining order against those that feel they are out of the reach of the common law will continue to be a problem.

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