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March 17th, 2018 – The Wolves of War – Combat Event

The Wolves of War
With the focused attention of the ulven clans shifting north and the support of most of the continent, plans continue to move forward with the Shield of Mardrun project. It is still too early to know for sure what the final product of this initiative will be, but heavy effort is being put into making this work. Caravans of supplies and building materials along with numerous warpacks filled with ulven looking to earn honor continue to move north or stage in the nearby clan territories.

Regardless of the supply lines and logistical support, everyone eagerly awaits the first and critical step; taking the fight into the dirge swamp. With the mild winter comes a chance to start earlier than expected and send warpacks into the swamp and carve out territory that can be controlled by the ulven. For generations the ulven have done little more than stand on the edge of the dirge and look north into the unknowns of the swamp, only a brave few venturing into its lands on daring or foolish expeditions. Now, the ulven bring war to the mordok of the dirge swamp.

The success of this war will ride on a combined effort of military forces and the defenses built by supporting units, but many know that brave warriors stepping foot into the swamp to face the dangers it holds will make or break this war early on.

As battle plans are formulated by the warleaders of the ulven and their colonial allies, the success of this first step will require territory to be taken and the mordok to be driven back as far as possible. From the northern borders of both Clan Shattered Spear and Clan Whiteoak and the fringes of the settlements of Serai and Onsallas, this massive effort of moving warriors north will rely on each group pushing into the dirge and cutting off the mordok from getting too close. Should this first invasion attack proof successful, it should buy the supply lines and construction crews the time they need to begin making fortifications that should prove invaluable to maintaining defenses in the future.

In this scenario event, players will play ulven warriors, volunteering allies, or camp supporters that have been assigned a section of the swamp to conquer. The success of this military campaign rides on the ability for this warpack to defeat and drive the mordok back.

Spurred on by the promise of glory, the whispers of economic boons, or political pressure from Clan Grimward, the warriors of Clan Shattered Spear and their gathered allies amassed on the edge of the Dirge Swamp to strike the Mordok in their home. This blitzkrieg was a risky maneuver, coordinated across the border of the swamp and requiring uniformity as the warpacks pushed forward. If they were too aggressive, they would be stranded in the swamp away from their allies. If they were too cautious, they would waste the element of surprise they currently held.

As the adventurers made their way deeper into the swamp, they were first approached by a number of Mordok whelps. Young and inexperienced, the whelps stood little chance against the organized unit of warriors. Continuing on their path, however, the Mordok became more aware of the intruders and were better able to mount a resistance, slowing the adventurers but not stopping them in their assault. During the campaign, a corruption site was found and dealt with, although many still have questions about what was actually done to the magic within. The Spiritclaw Daughter of Gaia who performed the ritual was less than forthcoming with details.

Once again the adventurers were assaulted, this time taking a great deal of damage from the now seemingly veteran Mordok warriors, but ultimately they prevailed. The day was won: the warpack had secured the land that was expected of them, and would be able to dissuade heavy Mordok interference in the coming weeks. A discussion began of pressing further, still well within the safety of the warpack line along the border, to prove that this warpack was capable of great things. Though there was some dissent, the decision was made to continue, to press their weary bodies for one more fight. The next den of Mordok was ready and waiting for the group, however: eager to protect their homes from these invaders and to avenge the dozens of deaths that had been inflicted, these remaining Mordok fought with a ferocity unseen so far that day. Their savagery and the warpack’s mounting wounds turned the tide of the battle in favor of the Mordok, and the warpack was forced to retreat. Several warriors, including a young Ulven, a New Aldorian representative, and a Griffin of Arnath’s Light, were left behind during the chaos, some more willingly than others. In the end, the day was won and the territory secured, but the ambitious risk taken proved too great, and the price paid was steep.



Click here for pictures from the event!

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