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March 10th, 2012 – Newhope Colony Political Dinner

The nobility of the colony welcomed all of the adventurers and factions with open arms, bringing them into the heart of the colony and to the dinner they had hosted. There were representatives from numerous factions, the different nobles of the city, and from adventuring groups. After some introductions, drinks, and socializing, the guests were further entertained with food and dancers.

Shortly after, tensions mounted as Khulgar Graytide, Chieftan of Pack Graytide and representative of Clan Grimward, started a scene and called everyone’s attention. He was angry and cynical, making snide comments about how sorry he was for rudely interrupting some important affairs like wining and dining. He delivered the note from the Watchwolves Clan, which stated that the colonists need to be kept in check in order for peace to exist. Khulgar then called Branthur Nightriver into question about his “soft ways” in dealing with the colonists and that the Ulven need to put them in their place. Many dinner participants mocked or challenged Khulgar and Branthur reminded him of his place and that the colony is on Clan Nightriver territory. Nobody at the dinner tried to calm Khulgar or discover Clan Grimward’s terms, which resulted him the Chieftan storming off angrily with threats against and from him being the last communication the Graytide had for the evening.

Shortly after, a member of the Colony Watch arrived with two letters. One was a message from Prince Aylin of New Aldoria. The message was read aloud to the group where Prince Aylin apologized for not being in attendance, offered up help and assistance, and showed genuine care for the safety of the colonists. Most of the people gathered did not believe the honesty to be genuine, but that meetings with Prince Aylin and his nobles should be setup in the near future.

The second letter was a Watch Report from the Sergeant, who had been notified that a patrol found a boat on the coastline. It had been abandoned, but there was blood and signs of a fight. Some personal items found on the boat suggested that a Ranger from Vandregon survived the trip over from Faedrun but was nowhere to be found. One of nobles said they would investigate it further and so did some of the adventurers.

By the end of the evening, several factions had worked closely with Branthur Nightriver to expand relations with the colony. Of the assembled nobles, there was definitely a subtle power struggle as Baroness Katherin and Baron Richard vied for support and expansion of relations. Baron Richard ended up making numerous deals with the different factions and gained more political support than Baroness Katherin. Several other nobles have since pledged support to Baron Richard, making him the strongest and wealthiest of the colony’s leaders.

Photos from the event!

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