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Magrat Farwalker

I am Magrat Farwalker, shaman of the FishBone Tongue line.
I am the apprentice of the shaman Ugar Bearget.
Daughter of Granak Brokefang and Lorya Rivereyed.
Sister to warrior Muggrim Spineripper
Chosen of the RamLost.

Played by: Salamander – SherdeGangrel@gmail.com Always open for background and history connections of all kinds. Please email or message if interested!

Name: Magrat Farwalker
Gender: Female
Age: Around 70-80 years
Race: Syndar
Tribe: The Lost
Hair: Brown/black
Eyes: Blue
Character Journal: The Histories (warning! In-character emo writing! ^-^)
Class: Cleric
Occupation: Shaman/Longfang hunter
Known Skills: Archery/hunting, spirity…..things, getting into trouble
Birthplace: Celestial Mountains, on Faedrun
Appearance: Green skinned, long hair, often dressed in brown and black fur and leather
Notable Traits: Green skin, war paint

Aedan Haleth VonHorst -Human cleric: “Hmph. His people and mine have a lot of years and bad blood between us. The less we speak to each other, the friendlier we’ll be.”
Muggrim Spineripper- Muggrim is her younger brother by blood
Longfang- now a fully accepted member of Pack Longfang, the first non-ulven to receive such accolades

Rumors and Gossip:
“I heard the cleric calling that Syndar a troll. She does look really weird”
“Hmph. It looks like the rape child of a Mordok and a Syndar. I don’t like it.” -overheard from two Ulven conversing
“Look, I’m just saying, that stranger came all the way out here, through a Mordok infested swamp, by himself, and attacked her. You just don’t make that kind of enemy by doing the laundry, is all.”

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