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Leif Fenrawr Whitestag

PLAYED BY: Sam Hennessee

CHARACTER NAME: Leif Fenrawr White Stag



CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 48 / DoB Oct 222

RACE: Ulven

HAIR: Brown/grey

EYES: Green


KNOWN SKILLS: wilderness survival, track animals and humanoids, using light/leather armors, shield, axes and daggers, knife, rock and javelin, archery, working with hides and exotic animals, military tactics, cooking and foraging.

BIRTHPLACE: In the wild North

APPEARANCE: He has bright green eyes and sharp fangs. His long light brown hair and wiry beard are now starting to fade to grey with age and he keeps them in braids most of the time. Often seen wearing hunting gear that appears to be rags to an untrained eye but it is a means to sneak and remain unseen in the wilds to him. He will however dress appropriately for the weather and/or occasion.

NOTABLE TRAITS: Bright green eyes


RUMORS: “He was the hunter that took 3rd in the Hunt.” And/or “He is a retired warrior on the path of a Hunter.”

Leif Fenrawr White Stag

Leif Fenrawr, was born nearly 50 years ago, in the year 222. He grew up in the clanless wilds of the North. He did not reach this age by hiding from the fight, but by fortune and skill enough to not be bested in battle. He has his mother Lana’s emerald eyes and pointed fangs like his father, Sven. His long, brown tendrils and wiry beard fade to silver with age and is rarely unbraided. Most often, he appears to be dressed in rags; however, his linens are intentional and allow him to remain unseen and unheard in the wilds. He does have a few other outfits hidden in stash away spots for special occasions, should they arise.

As children, Leif and his younger brother Ivorn, would accompany their parents deep into the woods to gather and hunt food. Sven was an expert hunter and taught the boys everything he knew about animals; how to hunt and track them, and how to set traps for food or for regents. Lana taught them about foraging bait for traps, food and regents and how to prepare them with the animals they hunted.

On an early fall hunting trip in 245, Ivorn was slain during a Mordoc ambush. Leif and Ivorn were fetching water not far from camp, when the Mordoc attacked. Ivorn, terrified, became confused, ran away from Leif and was quickly swallowed into the writhing mass of blackness that was the Mordoc horde. Sven and Lana, hearing Leif’s cries for help, unleashed a flurry of arrows piercing every Mordoc in sight. Selflessly, Leif darted after Ivorn. Leif saw Ivorn, as his small frame passed a massive oak tree, a Mordoc appeared from the other side and drove its spear clear through his young body, killing Ivorn instantly. Before Ivorn’s lifeless body even hit the ground, Leif had lunged at the Mordoc and urged his hunting dagger into the Mordoc, piercing its heart, killing it swiftly and quickly. Even though, Leif killed the Mordoc responsible for Ivorn’s death, it wasn’t enough to ease his hatred or quench his thirst for revenge. He rarely backs down from a fight, and never gives up the opportunity to rid the world of another Mordoc. His loathing for Mordoc and the primal desire to spill their blood consumed him.

After hearing of Leif’s bravery against the Mordoc, Runeseer Solvig was inspired and offered Leif the path of the Warrior; to which he gladly accepted. He trained hard and fought harder, not only showing great skill in archery like his parents, but an uncanny amount of skill with all thrown weapons. For melee and as part of the pack warriors, he fought in leather armor with shield and battle axe. During this time in his youth, he served and has fought viciously in many battles for the White Stag pack.

During the Battle of the Bloodmoon, Lana and Sven helped hold off the attack before being overrun by unknown enemies. Runeseer Solvig ordered the remaining pack warriors to attack, it was only a too little too late. While the pack saw the dawn, and were victorious in battle, Sven and Lana did not survive. When the sun came up all that was left was burnt Mordoc bodies and the few fallen of the pack that included his mother and father.

In late 250 Leif was sent to fight in the Colonist Wars. While he saw many battles, the wars did not last long, only a few months. Leif was happy to return home to the north as he had little desire for slaying humans. He will gladly talk and trade with them today but would have no issues with killing one if the need should ever arise.

In 262 Leif provided security for the forward scouts of the Dirge Swamp Expeditions. The expeditions were very successful. They learned about the Syndar with the Mordoc and found mysterious texts. Leif was mostly interested in the protection of the expedition’s forward scout teams and as always, the slaying of Mordoc.

The next year when the Longfang warriors were called to defend Stormjarl lands, Leif volunteered as part of the White Stag war pack to show support for our neighbors and allies in the north. The battle near Black Wolf Creek was bloody. Leif saw the last shield wall of the Ulfednar, the Longfang elite warriors. They held off overwhelming numbers, as his war pack rained down volleys of arrows into the advancing foes. The battle was won but at a great cost. Leif saw many of his friends and northern neighbors slain that day.

After returning home to the north he volunteered as part of another Dirge Swamp Expedition providing security again to the forward scout team. They welcomed him as he had been into the Dirge Swamp on previous expeditions. His expertise and axe were both needed again. The expeditions were of great success and Leif returns home, unscathed.

Leif hears whispers of plans to make a northern protective buffer called the Shield of Mardrun. They were calling for aid to defeat Mordoc, and Leif was more than happy to answer. He slew Mordoc without mercy until he was numb on the inside. He was not invited to be a part of the Great Wolf’s Hunt in the Great Forest earlier that year, and this fueled his anger as he chopped his way through Mordoc after Mordoc.

This time, when Leif returns home, things are different. His wounds seem to take longer to heal and the scars seem to have a constant ache. He understands that his days of heavy fighting, are coming to an end, like the failing light at dusk. Time, healed wounds and old injuries of a warrior’s lifestyle have taken a toll on his body and he is completely aware of it.

With a used and aging body, he can no longer run or sprint and is slow to stand or sit. He can no longer keep pace with the younger warriors during a charge or the like. This restriction and clearing Mordoc seems to have quenched his bloodlust and deep seeded rage. He now finds himself reminiscing about his youth, family and the joys of being on a hunt. He talks with the Runeseer and is released from the path of a Warrior and thanked for his service to the pack and all of Mardrun. He is offered a position as a Pack Hunter, which once again, fills him with purpose and joy.

Leif has laid down his shield and has hung his battle axe above the mantle. Now he carries his father’s woodsman axe and his hunting dagger. He has new found purpose and his skills as an archer or with a thrown weapon have not faded. As Leif showed great adaptation to the new role as a pack Hunter. In January of 270 Leif receives an invitation from Jarl Gertrud Speartusk to compete in a hunting competition. He was able to find an elk herd in a small glen at failing light. Leif made his way to the edge of the glen after they bed down and waited. Just as the stars started to dim, the morning dew coated everything and created a light fog low to the ground, in the fading light of the full moon, the elk herd rose from the fog one by one like a great old ghosts of the glen. With the perfect form and stealth of a hunter Leif took his shot and hit the largest bull flawlessly. It took one step and crashed to the ground. Leif returned with his kill and was proud to take 3rd place in the competition with his slightly above average bull elk.

His time was not wasted as a warrior as he is now on the path of the Hunter, a tracker and scout, as a Rogue using the skills his parents taught him all those years ago with the ones he has learned along the way. He loves being from the clanless north and savors his freedom. To him, being on a hunt is the ultimate freedom. He can live for weeks or months at a time on his own or can spend time with the pack or trading in an outpost or city. Leif has no known living family or progeny. He is always willing to help out the pack but has no interest in leading it. He believes he will settle down and farm when he is old and he doesn’t feel that old yet. He can feel the presence of the Great Wolf Father when he is hunting game and is closer to Mother Gaia when she reveals to him the past in the form of what was left behind or the beauty in the songs of the wilds. He also enjoys listening and telling stories over a horn of ale.

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