Played by: Miles Daniels
Character name: Kor
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Race: Human
Occupation: Mercenary
Known skills: toughness, staff weapons , rage, respite
Birth place: Secretly, New Aldoria
Appearance: Road Worn/Dusty
Notable traits: Reckless

Kor was born in New Aldoria to a pair of fairly wealthy bakers. Although he never liked baking himself, throughout his life he developed a fond taste for bread and pastries. Around age 10, he developed a nasty temper and would bully the few kids who were smaller and weaker than him. His parents went to a wise man for advice on what to do with Kor. The wise man told them that they should send him to a monastary to help him control and channel his rage. After some thought, his parents decided to do as advised and sent him away.

Life at the monastery changed Kor’s life forever. Due to his nature, he had to learn the hard way to quell his anger, for whenever he let his anger out in an unhealthy way, he was punished severely.

Finally, after months of hard anger management lessons, Kor was ready to start the process of channeling his anger. Surprisingly, channeling his anger proved to be easier than controlling it. For several weeks he worked hard to channel his rage. Finally, his mentor came to him with a long ashwood staff and said he was on the final step of his training… the art of quarter staff fighting.

Kor advanced fast in the training and soon was ready to strike out on his own. He asked his mentor if there was anything he could give him. His mentor looked at him calmly and gave him his staff and a sack, and sent him on his way.

To this day, Kor has been finding work in the form of a hired guard.

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