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Katonomaru Himurashi

PLAYED BY: Antonio Archie
CLASS: Rogue
AGE: 23
RACE: Human (Naran)
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown
KNOWN SKILLS: Observation, Archery, swordsman
APPEARANCE: Stands around 6′ tall, shaved haircut except top, usually kept up. Clean shaven, wears light armor on black clothing
NOTABLE TRAITS: Kato is soft-spoken, more likely to hear than speak. He has a tendency to speak in proverbs, and is less condescending as a Naran would be. Has yet to meet the “spouse” portion of the three most precious entities: themselves, their family, spouse.

BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY: I am called Himurashi Katonomaru. I was born 23 years ago in the land of Aldoria. My mother met the next life as a result of my birth, and my father took an active fight against the Undead scourge. In my twelfth year, we had traveled to a land called Mardrun with the colony of New Hope. There my father lost his life to Ulven forces. For many years, my heart bore a resentment for those who had ended his life, but became clear along my travels. Now I make my way through this life seeking understanding, and to hold my honor defined in dignity. Not only this, but I wish to redeem myself for my hatred of the Ulven. Subete no sui wa meiyo shokan dey meiyo o ataeru.

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