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June 28, 2014 – Onsallas Outpost Event

After the Mordok in the swamp became very active and attacked the surrounding area, it was learned that the Syndar with the Mordok has had a hand in their actions. The red eyed Syndar made his presence known to some of the adventurers and warriors in the Onsallas Outpost and after several scouts and travelers were captured and tortured to death the Mordok have receded back into the Dirge Swamp.

Reports from across Mardrun reach the village. The civil war has turned into an occupation of Stormjarl territory and small raids from both sides. Clan Grimward has not pushed further into Stormjarl territory and has not retreated. Discussions continue to take place between different leaders as several clans try to absorb the refugees and care for them. Survivors of Stormjarl call for vengeance and swear oaths to return violence on Grimward. Clan Axhound has approached Pack Longfang to offer an alliance to raid against Clan Whiteoak, offering spoils of war and rewards for helping the smaller Clan attack their long term enemy. A scout has returned to the Onsallas Village stating that an armed group of Ulven are moving through the area, their purpose unknown.

Mysterious events took place and hinted at secrets long buried, as an odd device was unearthed from the ground near the Onsallas Village. Ulven in origin and very old, its use and function are unknown.

A small caravan of Clan Stormjarl refugees on their way to Onsallas was ambushed at the edge of the swamp. Sending a runner for help, a handful of adventurers and Pack Longfang members went out to find them. They came across a bloody scene; the Stormjarl refugees were butchered by a group of mordok. A handful of them had survived but just barely and were brought back to the Outpost to be checked for corruption and to have their wounds treated. Healers worked for what seemed like hours to triage and care for the wounded refugees. After talking to the survivors, it was discovered that a group of Ulven came across the refugees and took most of their supplies and weapons. This left them almost defenseless against the mordok. In the outpost, the Ulven artifiact was unlocked and random bits of knowledge and Lore was discovered about it. It’s true purpose seems to remain unknown.

Shortly after that, a group of Ulven came nearby to the Outpost and acted suspiciously. It was soon discovered that the Ulven were Clan Whiteoak warriors on their way home to the lands and were responsible for the banditry on the Stormjarl refugees. Once they were discovered, the Whiteoak warriors attempted a raid against the outpost that was turned back and the fighting took to the swamp. Some of the warriors were killed, others driven off, and their encampment was found and burned to the ground.

During the chaos, several members of the Pirates of Oarsmeet approached the corruption site that was created previously by the red eyed Syndar. A ritual was conducted by the Shepherd and a human sacrifice was attempted. This was stopped at the last minute but involved former allies drawing weapons and attacking each other. The adventurers fighting against Clan Whiteoak’s warriors returned to find the outpost defenders suffering from corruption and the followers of the mordok’s corruption were left bloodied and dying in the swamp.

Pictures from the event:

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