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June 270

The summer is in full swing, the land is covered in not only greenery, but vibrant whites, yellows, purples, and many more colours as flowers take over land. Life can be seen all around and with it the hustle and bustle of the populations of Mardrun.


To the north with Pack Riverhead, many people speak of what was an overwhelming force of arms sweeping through their ancestral home. Forces from Pack Riverhead, Clan Shattered Spear, Clan Ironmound, as well as assistance from a few smaller groups pressed through the lands with purpose. There were few encounters that turned to outright combat, but those that did occur ended with reports of severe losses on the bandits side. With this success, many are wondering how Pack Riverhead plans to hold all the re-acquired land. Some feel Clan Shattered Spear will use the opportunity to spread out more and build. Others are unsure if that is even possible. Whatever the outcome, many are curious to see what will happen next in the heart of Mardrun.


The highways of the Clan Goldenfield and Clan Nightriver are seeing a rise in bandit activity this month. Leadership within both clans believe this is due to Pack Riverheads reclaiming its ancestral territories. Clan Nightriver is already working on keeping the tides of these bandits held back, by whatever means seem fit. Clan Goldenfield is having less luck with the bandit incursions into their lands, however many people seem to be of the mindset that Clan Nightriver may send some martial aid to assist their long standing ally.


With the expedition to the north to find the ghost ship finally completed and the crew returned, rumors fly around the port and quickly spread inland of a fantastical adventure. Tales speak of gem encrusted treasure and chests of Vandregonian silver that were scavenged from the depths of the ship. Another tale tells of being lost at sea in a blanket of fog while being attacked by sea serpents. There was even a tale of a group of unknown monsters in the outlands that sounded otherworldly and hunted them throughout the nights. Tales aside, the venture seemed to be fruitful and provide some information as to the origin of the mysterious ship from Faedrun and many are waiting for the news to become public.


To the East in Aylin’s Reach, there was a large and seemingly spontaneous festival. Many within the colony drank, enjoyed games of various challenges, watched or participated in performance duels in the streets. Throughout the days and into the nights the sounds of bards singing and performing at almost every corner in the city delighted most of the citizens. While Prince Aylin didn’t appear, many of his court did socialize and enjoy some of the festivities themselves. A small group of lesser nobles even found themselves getting in on a song with a bard troupe at a street corner. While the festival ended, many were glad to enjoy the break from the tedium and let loose to enjoy life without much worry for at least a few days, though they never really found out why the festival was called in the first place. Taverns throughout the city were soon filled with rumors that Aylin must be planning something big soon. Some seem to believe he’s gearing up to finally take the Aldorian Crown.

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