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June 269

Summer is in full swing, the land is lively with farmers tending crops, herds of sheep are getting their first shearing for the summer, and many are out and about enjoying the mild summer for the month. 

In Clan Steinjottun packs are beginning their annual hawking tournaments, showing off both their skills at breeding and training of the birds so many depend on in Mardrun. While some trainers are showing exceptional skill there are a few that are standing above and beyond the rising stars. One of the favourites for getting to the final rounds is a young woman from Pack Bloodhawk who has shown exceptional skill at training more advanced commands to her partner in the tournament. 

Off in Clan Ironmound, repairs and recovery is slow but steady. Some villages are already returning to normal day-to-day routines while others are getting closer towards that goal. The production of arms and armor is also slowly returning to its former ability to meet the high demand for quality arms and armor. However, villages that don’t focus on production of some sort still are in dire need of attention and aid, and while they are receiving support from the clan, it will take more of an effort to help repair and return those villages back to normal.

In Newhope, life is busy at the merchant guilds as they trade and exchange goods at high prices within the city walls. Many smaller trading companies are making bags over bags of silver with the current demand for charcoal. Some others are cashing in on the higher demand for brocade and fine fabrics. Whatever the item is, it is apparent that there is a large economic boom going on in the City State, and no clear idea when it will end. 

In the Riverhead lands, small villages of humans and ulven have sprouted up. However, none of these small communities are tied to any major pack, clan, or city state, but are rather controlled by either wealthy merchants, bandit lords, or warlords. Thus turning the once ancestral home of Riverhead into lawless lands where every individual has to fend for themself. This of course is an outrage to Pack Riverhead, who were making plans to start resettling their ancestral homes. Some groups of Riverhead even started to lead  raids and fights against these new settlers. Which just adds more to the chaos in these now unforgiving lands in the middle of Mardrun’s northern clans. 

There is an odd rumor floating around this month, a rumor that seems to border on that of folktale and spans between Balie Onair and Starkhaven. This past month two individuals, one Human and one Ulven, travelled from tavern to tavern issuing drinking challenges to any who would dare. Those who have said to witness these challenges are baffled by the sheer amount of liquor the individuals would drink. Even more unbelievable is that these two individuals won against all challengers, except against themselves. Towards the end of every story, the two would challenge themselves to drink, shot per shot, bottles of Lunashine. They would then finish their bottles and then match off into the night cheering and laughing. Leaving those who said to have been there, baffled as to who they were and how they were even still alive.

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