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June 267

As trade in her settlement of Daven’s Hold increases, Governess Katherine renews her vigor in recruiting the men and women of Vandregon, or those who will uphold their ideals of virtue and strength, to join her in reforming the once great kingdom. Recruits have been seen venturing to the town, though it can be described as a trickle at best. Still, her heart seems unchanged and her dedication to this reformation has long been considered unshakable.


Pillars of smoke can be seen rising from Starkhaven for miles around. Tales of the siege eventually spread to every corner of Mardrun, telling of the negotiations, the maneuvering, and the battles that took place within those walls. Ultimately, though, they settle on the final outcome: a large portion of the keep burned to the ground before an agreement was reached. The Hand of Arnath was lost in the fire, as was the Council of Griffins. Leadership for the Order of the Fist was taken into custody, leading to an uncountable number of rumors about the exact details of what happened.


As focus shifts to the eastern front of the Shield of Mardrun, an outpost manned by Clan Whiteoak is lost to the Mordok. Unable to hold the territory against the constant churning of their enemy, the clan is forced to retreat, though one of their warpacks is able to regroup with their allies not long after. With Ulven, human, and Syndar steel glinting in the sun, a brutal fight ensues. As the dust settles, the Mordok either lay dead or have long since retreated. The outpost once again belongs to Clan Whiteoak and the Shield of Mardrun.

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