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June 266 – News and Rumors

Clan Riverhead has finally fallen to the endless waves of Mordok invaders and the result sends shock waves throughout communities. Many Clans who have been so quiet now start to fear for their livelihoods and wonder “Are we next?” Many clans in the north seem to be sharing these exact same thoughts as they begin to change pace and directions almost all at once due to the fall of Clan Riverhead.

Clan Stormjarl was noted to have increased their labors to shore up and build on their new settlements around Aylin’s Reach. The lands on the Isle of Fire works harder at gathering food and stores for a possible oncoming storm, Clan Stormjarl lands to the south prepare and make plans on how to help their lands in Aylin’s Reach, and Aylin’s Reach lands build with fervor. Many are working longer and harder days, and even nights, to secure themselves for a possible attack from either Clan Squalborn or the new threat in the Great Forest.

Clan Axehound, long time bitter rivals of Clan Whiteoak, have been seen pulling back their forces from raiding. It seems to be part of multiple reasons, such as Clan Nightriver applying political pressure on the small northern clan to lay off attacking, but the largest reason seems to be the fact that Clan Axehound is now the smallest clan on Mardrun. It also is located next to the now largest threat on the continent, The Great Forest, a place now overflowing with Mordok. Pack Leaders from the clan begin to take action to weather the inevitable wave of Mordok, while Daughters of Gaia work diligently to seek guidance from Gaia and the Great Wolf on what to do next for their clan.

Due to the retreat of Clan Axehound forces and the Mordok focusing on claiming Clan Riverhead, Clan Whiteoak gains a momentary reprieve. Many packs hold almost endless funeral pyres across the lands, speckling the landscape with fires for their beloved, their brave, and their fallen. Along with their morning, the clan also works diligently to recover precious resources that were spent in the defense of their lands on two fronts. Labor Caste, Smithing Caste, Hunter Caste members are worked to the bone to try and meet the demands set by their leaders.

While the Mordok ravaged Riverhead lands, there were those who stepped up to accept the incoming refugees. Clan Shattered Spear and Clan Goldenfield were some of the main clans that stepped up in helping these folks find a new foothold in their devastated life, along with sending aid to the Clan in its time of need. While many from Clan Riverhead are thankful their host’s hospitality and attention to helping their people find a new life, however it is rare that they show it. Due to their lives in almost near isolation, Clan Riverhead refugees seem to be clumping together and are socially awkward in their new homes, often forming small camps and villages near areas of water a little bit away from their hosts settlements.

As the invasion comes to an end, Mordok activity seems to take a brief pause from the usual aggressive stance. They seem to be keen on defending the lands they have gained, yet do not pursue invaders and attackers unless necessary. While many are thankful for this brief moment, many are wondering what they are doing in the areas Mordok have claimed as their own.

The colonies have been somewhat uneventful this month, mostly focusing on recovering costs and refilling their coffers from the Great Works, which is needed in order to continue. During this time, many in the Council of Ten spend their now available free time chasing their own ambitions once more. However, the destruction of an entire clan has some nobility worried that the Mordok threat could be a real one, while many others feel that this will fade with the coming of winter as per the usual. What is for sure, is that the colonies of New Hope seem to feel that the events that have transpired in the northern areas of the continent seem to be far off and remote.

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