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June 265 – News and Rumors

Though progress has been relatively slow since the end of the war, construction of a number of defensive structures in the Pass through the Great Wolf’s Hackles is nearing completion. Lack of supplies, animosity between workers on both sides, and the new spreading corruption have caused their fair share of delays, but overall the project has been hailed as a triumph by bringing together workers from Clans Nightriver, Grimward, and Ironmound. Others, however, have pointed to the possibility of a rekindling of the inferno of war, which may only be exacerbated by structures such as these offering substantial strategic value so near an enemy’s border. Whispers have even begun to circulate, pointing at the profit made by this construction that has lined the coffers of Clan Ironmound, inquiring whether more sinister, or at least selfish, motives are to blame.

Continuing to ride the fervor and fear spread by the Mordok, Marquess Madeline d’Argent again issues a call for supplies to be procured for an expedition into the Dirge Swamp. This first venture, set to depart in August, will be a preliminary journey north, hoping to establish a forward base in the Dirge to facilitate further endeavors. Resources of all kinds are requested, and it is expected that the Marquess will release a more formal announcement soon to expand on some of these details.

On the other end of Mardrun, word begins to trickle south that the so called “Inquisition of Fire”, accompanying an investigative force dispatched by the Orders of Arnath’s Fist and Light, has broken out into combat with the citizens of Serai, with a number of non-combatants fleeing from reported Mordok attacks on the settlement as well. Following a report from the Order of Arnath’s Fist, warriors from Pack Goldenfield have mobilized and will seek to reinforce those currently fighting for the settlement, destroy all that remains of the undead, and drive the Mordok back.

As the Mordok continue to press southward, the brunt of the fighting has taken a heavy toll on Clans Whiteoak and Shattered Spear. With reinforcements from Clan Grimward, Shattered Spear has weathered the attacks fairly well, though Whiteoak defenses are beginning to crumble in the face of constant bombardment. Colborn Whiteoak, Warleader of the clan, has issued a call to Mardrun, asking for assistance in this struggle before his clan can no longer maintain their lines.

Cries of outrage and sorrow echo across Mardrun as word of the quarantined Axhound village spread. Seeing no other option to halt the spread of the corruption, Warleader Hoskul Axhound made the difficult choice to treat the village like a gangrenous limb and remove it, by sword and flame. Over one hundred people were killed in the incident. Other clans have decried the actions as barbaric, though Clan Axhound has stood by their decision, adding that those who chose to die with honor were given a warrior’s death. A number of clans, Axhound included, have planned vigils to be held for the many souls lost that fateful day.

Amidst this darkness, however, hope shines. Clan Spiritclaw has come forward with a great deal of progress in the fight against the corruption, putting forth the ritual they have recently discovered. While entirely successful at cleansing the target of corruption, Clan Spiritclaw still urges caution when performing this ritual. The brutality inflicted upon the subject to purge the sickness is astounding, taking the lives of most who seek this treatment. The Colony of Newhope has countered this announcement, however, by making a proclamation of their own: their clerics and healers have discovered a ritual that also works to remove the corruption from one’s body, though no deaths have been reported to this method. The truth to these claims and the conditions they contain have not been fully investigated, however a number of individuals have come forward claiming to be rid of corruption.

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