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June 264 – News & Rumors

The leadership of Lord Baron Richards has been surprisingly smooth. Under his command many troops and many more loads of supplies have been sent or promised to Nightriver and the warfront, an act which would have been horrifically time consuming in the bureaucratic old system. Many are optimistic for the city, hoping it will flourish under a single strong leader.

The new leader of Daven’s Reach has been visibly trying to extend his influence, a problem that many of the colonists and Ulven had hoped would be resolved by now but lack the resources to fix. Wanted posters have sprung up in many of the nearby settlements, although his agents have occasionally replaced these posters with their own mockeries, often depicting Lord Baron Richards or Prince Aylin as thieves instead. If whispers around the local taverns are any indication, his ideals may be gathering support, rallying others to his cause.

Letters from the new leadership of Clan Watchwolf have been delivered to Clan Nightriver, describing the treatment they have received at the hands of their Grimward conquerors: food has been distributed, families have not been uprooted and have been given time to grieve for their fallen before being enlisted by the Grimward war front. The end of the letter encourages Nightriver to reconsider their stance on the war, as life under Grimward rule has been better than it was during the war.

Clans Ironmound and Shattered Spear have vocally entered an agreement to protect each other’s borders should Grimward take their land during the fighting. This could be a huge step in solidifying the tenuous alliance with Clan Ironmound as it is the first true pledge to aid in the war, rather than simply withstand it.

Mordok activity near the edge of the Dirge Swamp was brutal again this month, with the creatures seemingly driven into a frenzy by something. These attacks on Clan Shattered Spear could prove costly and force them to redistribute forces away from the front lines. Clan Whiteoak also received their share of attention, drawing warriors away from their rivalry and allowing Clan Axhound the chance to perform a number of opportunistic raids.

Coalition reinforcements have been a large deterrent for Grimward aggression in the Pass, making their warpacks think twice about trying to take that territory and making them pay for every inch in blood. Well over a hundred well-rested warriors from Clan Nightriver have arrived at the Pass, accompanied by several dozen soldiers from both Newhope and New Aldoria and multiple wagons full of food, bandages, and weapons for the war effort, thanks in large part to campaigns executed by smaller factions giving and asking for aid in the war. The supplies alone have helped revitalize the troops stationed there, and the veritable army present could soon be a major issue for Clan Grimward.

Parts of Newhope were in an uproar late this month as Dominet Martingale hosted yet another elaborate party. As the chambers emptied, however, guards noticed that Martingale was nowhere to be found. Half the city was searched, much to the ire of many civilians until the man was eventually found passed out and hung over in a stable nearby.

Letters from Branthur Nightriver arrive at many notable locations among Coalition settlements. The letters issue a strongly worded reminder that many of the colonists are residing on his land and their honor is being called upon to make possibly the last push against Grimward. With Clan Ironmound on their side, Clan Nightriver has a strong chance to push into the heart of Grimward territory; though their enemy is expected to strike back viciously, so troops will be needed to secure the borders of Clans Shattered Spear, Stormjarl, and Ironmound.

Rumors have spread like wildfire of the recent expedition into the Dirge Swamp: despite the war, Ironmound, Grimward, and Coalition forces put aside their differences to reveal some secrets of the Ulven people. Many documents written in the old Ulven text were discovered on the trip, with the originals leaving with Grimward and translated copies finding their way into the hands of the Coalition. The true meaning of these documents has yet to be determined, and those in their possession have critical decisions ahead of them.

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