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June 23-24th, 2012 – March To War

Onsallas Outpost was to be the sight of a series of political meetings and discussions between several Ulven factions. Some representatives from Vandregon and different adventuring parties were also present. The escalation of the Ulven civil war was on everyone’s minds and faction leaders wanted to know where everyone stood during the conflict. Onsallas Village was host to a large group of Ulven from Clan Whiteoak who had pledged allegiance to Clan Nightriver.

Some bandits were seen roaming the wilderness but increased patrols on the road kept transportation between the village and the outpost safe.

The Mordok had been acting suspiciously lately and there seemed to be increased activity in the swamp nearby. Upon further investigation, there was a sight of intense evil, a ritual site that was corrupting the swamp and eating away at all the life around it. At the center of the site was a Mordok idol, a skull painted with tribal designs. A group was dispatched to find it and learn more about it. Aeden Von Horst, Battle Cleric of the Order, touched the idol and it dispersed its magic and stopped corrupting the swamp. Several other adventurers researched it and Aeden, discovering that some of the magic was transferred to him, but no other information was learned about what happened or its purpose.

Later in the evening, a message was intercepted that proved that Clan Whiteoak planned on betraying the Longfangs and would help Clan Grimward attack them. With only a small window before the attack, the adventurers had to choose how they would split their defenses. Without enough fighters sent to the village, it could easily be overrun. A small group of warriors left the outpost and fought their way to reach the village. Cut off from support or allies, this group would succeed or die trying. The remaining defenders coordinated their defense as a large group of Clan Grimward warriors attacked the outpost. For what seemed like ages, the heavily armored warriors Grimward assaulted the outpost. Many adventurers and guards were wounded, equipment busted, and shields were broken… but after a long fight the attackers were repelled.

The next day the location of a caravan was discovered. It had been lost traveling to Onsallas. When a search party arrived, the caravan members rose from the ground as zombies and attacked. Zombies in this area were proof that the Lich had at least traveled through this area. Several people were bitten and the group retreated to the outpost. After gathering more members and some supplies, they returned to clear out the zombies and retrieve the cargo. With the box secure, the group retreated before being dragged down and torn apart by the undead.

Another group was ambushed on the trails and several members were abducted by the Mordok. After hours had passed, another search party went out to find the Mordok camp. Ylsa Stormherald of the Watchwolves was found running through the swamp, bloodied and beaten by the Mordok. She was rescued and the Mordok following her killed or driven off. The events detailing her time being captured are still a mystery.

Photos from the event!

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