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June 2023 – The Shattered Spear Counter Offensive

A call has gone out from Clan Shattered Spear to the holds and leaders of Mardrun. While they were distracted by the mysterious village of Silfurfal and its maddened occupants, a massive army of Mordok thrust itself past their outpost on The Shield and flooded into the Clan lands to the south. The Shattered Spear warriors fought as valiantly as they were able, but the force of the Mordok was far too great and forced them further south. Shattered Spear is noted as one of the most martially-proud Ulven Clans and a bulwark against The Dirge. Should their lands be overrun with Mordok there would be nothing stopping them from pushing deeper south and The Shield of Mardrun would find itself irreparably cleaved. Since this initial onslaught several villages in northern Shattered Spear have already gone quiet as they fell behind the Mordok front lines, Silfurfal included. A great deal of support will be needed to push back against the Mordok to force them back north.


Word of this invasion spread quickly as well as the call for aid. Shattered Spear tried to reach out to the other outposts along the Shield, but quickly learned that they were all dealing with massive waves of Mordok as well. It seems almost as if the Mordok coordinated this attack specifically to strike when the strange behavior at Silfurfal had pulled attention away from The Shield. Fortunately, aid has come from the other areas of Mardrun. Before long, banners of Warpacks from other clans and units from different groups have been seen marching toward Shattered Spear, fully aware that this will be a long fight, but it must be fought.



The sounds of war soon rang out throughout the lands of Clan Shattered Spear. Warriors and supporters gathered into war camps along the front in a united effort to drive the Mordok back towards The Dirge. As is often the case the day began with a large, yet unorganized wave of eager and whelpish Mordok. These whelps are often unblooded and untrained, but are still incredibly dangerous. They fight with a disorganized frantic nature as if they are looking to prove themselves on the field of battle. No matter the nature of this wave of Mordok, the warriors were able to adequately break and repel these Mordok.

As it often goes with extensive conflicts, the rest of the day had repeated battles occurring across the line. Waves of Mordok warriors crashed against waves of defenders and warriors with the mordok being broken and driven back in most fights. The fights were hard fought and there were multiple close battles where only willpower carried the defenders to victory allowing almost all fights to be a win, all except a mordok wave that brought a unique foe.

An Alpha Mordok joined one of the waves, bringing along a retinue of highly skilled and armored warriors. It is incredibly rare to see Mordok in well fitted and cared for suits of armor, yet in this group it was more rare to see an unarmored Mordok than one who was fully kitted as a warrior should be. Arrows and death magic rained upon the defenders as the Mordok and their Alpha smashed through shield walls and batted their opponents around like a folding stool in a Chairs Tournament. The Alpha, clad in wicked, spiked armor, showed immense strength and was capable of delivering incredibly cleaving force with one arm and swings so powerful that they knocked people from their feet. In the end the defenders were wholly unable to stand against this Alpha and his retinue, finding themselves forced to fall back to the war camp. Luckily the Alpha seemed to lose interest in what he perceived to be weaker foes and moved on, not being seen for the rest of the day.

Regardless of this singular loss against the Alpha, the defending warriors were able to push the Mordok army back into the northern reaches of Clan Shattered Spear, allowing the front lines to push up and prepare to move on some of the villages that had fallen behind the Mordok push. While the village of Silfurfal is seen as a goal for many, it still remains farther to the north and will require much more time to reach and attempt to retake. Spirits were high as Warpack Leader Hersir Bodil Shattered Spear relayed information to the camp and relieved the warriors of their duty for the day, but this relaxed atmosphere did not last long.

As warriors doffed their armor and laid their weapons aside for the night movement was seen on the trail heading toward camp. A small unit of Ulven warriors marched toward the camp and a few guards went to greet their allies, but the truth of the matter was soon revealed. The incoming warriors roared at the camp, calling them Mordok who should leave Shattered Spear Lands and in the name of Laifnar Icefury they charged into the camp with weapons drawn. While the initial shock allowed some injuries to be caused by the attackers, the defenders were able to quickly defeat these invading warriors and clerics immediately set to work trying to cleanse them of any perverse influences. Fortunately, all of the warriors were able to be cleansed and treated by the camp’s healers. Those who weren’t under immense shock were able to relay stories of how they had spent the whole day fighting innumerable armies of Mordok, but they never worried for their lives because through the whole thing they fought alongside radiant nature spirits and landwights. While glad to be alive, further shock slowly dawned on the villagers as they learned who they had been really fighting that day. Unfortunately there was no time to dig any deeper and learn the truth behind their words nor understand the strange influences that drove them into madness.

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