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June 16th, 2013 – Dirge Swamp Expedition Event

After a powerful corruption idol and a mysterious journal from an unknown Syndar is found in the Dirge Swamp, an expedition set out to search for more clues. A large group of adventurers from several factions, led by a Pack Longfang guide, gathered some supplies and set out North from the Onsallas Outpost. Their destination was to search for the ruins of the failed settlement of Pack Blackwing.

The expedition was stalked and attacked by numerous mordok groups. The attacks were frequent as more mordok in the area gravitated to the expedition. The combined efforts of the warriors and archers could barely keep the mordok from overrunning the group and the constant battles began to take their toll. A few members of the expedition were killed and carried off. A small detachment of Order of Arnath’s Fist members ended up returning to the Onsallas Outpost after one of their Lions, a veteran battle cleric, was killed in the melee. Without strong leadership and a mix of mercenaries and different groups making up the group, the lack of cohesion in the expedition became a dangerous flaw.

As the lack of supplies and the wounds became a dire situation for the expedition, a few members continued to scan the swamp and look for anything useful. The old Pack Blackwing outpost was found but had to be abandoned quickly as some form of corruption in the outpost began to influence the people who stayed there for too long. A few small items and some papers were found but it looked as if there was nothing of use in the outpost. Later in the day, a few scouts for the expedition came across a camp hidden in the woods. After investigating, it appeared to be another camp built by the Syndar who had written the original journal. Another piece was discovered, but it was only partially translated before the mordok attacked and forced the expedition to retreat.

With the second journal discovered, there was evidence that another camp lay deeper into the Dirge Swamp. Due to the lack of veteran warriors in the group, the lack of supplies and the accumulation of wounds and broken equipment, the expedition was forced to return to the Onsallas Outpost or risk being overrun by the mordok.

Unless another expedition is put together, any further clues about the mysterious Syndar or the corruption idols are now lost in the Dirge Swamp.

Click here for pictures of the event!

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