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June 10th, 2017 – What We Left Behind


Despite valiant effort on the parts of several groups, help has been too little and too late to drive the Mordok from the territory of Clan Riverhead and the Clan has been broken. The last few months have been rough on the people of Riverhead as defensive lines have found their people giving up immense amounts of land to the Mordok army that has come out of the Great Forest. The Mordok are random and brutal in their tactics without a single decisive battle to determine the outcome in the Great Forest. Allies from numerous Clans have arrived to help but without a cohesive plan and most of Riverhead already raided or razed during the initial onslaughts, the future of the Clan looks bleak.

Renewed hope comes from an unlikely ally as Clan Grimward has requested, and been granted permission, to march it’s warpacks through the pass and provide cover for a final retreat. A calling has been made to Clans and settlements for those able to assist in the evacuation of those still trapped between The Great Forest and The Great Wolf’s Hackles. High Priestess Lyrri Riverhead of Clan Riverhead has made a plea for a small well armed group to assist her in the transportation of an undisclosed cargo, which is said to be vital to any chance of retaking the lost lands and for protecting her people in the time to come.

With the whole of Mardrun focusing on expanding infrastructure and growing settlements, Clan Riverhead has endured the brunt of the Mordok onslaught. While this devastation may be the rallying cry to finally bring the Ulven Clans together to fight back large-scale against the Mordok, that sentiment means little to the people of Clan Riverhead who have either fled their homes, been hiding out in isolated villages, or have been cut off from a valid means of escape.


The mordok onslaught of Clan Riverhead continues again this month as reluctant Clan members finally admit that their homelands are lost. After the initial hard push of the mordok force into Clan Riverhead territory from the Great Forest, the ability to counter attack and push the mordok back has been unsuccessful. Despite efforts from small nearby Clans and smaller factions trying to help, the call for a retreat was given. This comes at a time when more allies arrive, such as warriors from Clan Grimward, to try to fight back against the mordok, some even assisted with spells and vocal support by the colonists and adventurers who just several years ago found themselves at war with each other. Even if the Clan Riverhead lands were lost to mordok, this large scale assault on the Ulven people has finally been a rallying cry for their people to stand behind. Reports have already been coming in that the mordok have not been able to pursue into other Clan’s territories… for now.

The civilians left behind were organized and evacuated by a group of adventurers and mercenaries. Time and time again, small groups of mordok would scout and patrol and were beaten back or driven off by organized defenders. However, reports of entire groups and families of Riverhead refugees being cut off and slaughtered trickled in from ulven scouts moving through the area. The efforts were going well and many were saved, but there were also some that could not be helped. By the end of the final evacuation, the number of survivors well outpaced the number of dead and Clan Riverhead’s people were saved from destruction. Much to the surprise of the Clan Riverhead people, several of the adventurers took the time to save an enormous barrel of LunaShine, an expensive and important alcoholic beverage known in Riverhead territory.

To everyone’s surprise, Lyrri Riverhead, the High Priestess of Clan Riverhead, used her escorting war pack of ulven warriors as a distraction to keep the larger mordok force at bay long enough to retrieve her “cargo”. This was soon discovered to be an item that was being transported to be delivered to the High Priestess. When the scout did not arrive, a search party was sent out to find out what happened to them. The scout did not survive but the item was found, but due to distrust among the Clan Riverhead people and the outsiders who claim they came to help, the item was hidden until a time when the outsiders and the ulven who were helping them were deemed trustworthy by the High Priestess. A small group of ulven tended to the defense of the High Priestess and the success of her mission, guaranteeing her safety.

News reached the defenders of the Riverhead people; the warpack of ulven nearby had been driven off and the larger mordok force was on its way. Gathering as many people and supplies as possible, the group set out to escape along a specified route that was scouted and the best chance for survival. After evading the mordok for a time, the escape turned into a pitched fighting retreat with groups of mordok relentlessly pursuing the refugees and their defenders. After a hard fought retreat, the group was able to save many and escort the High Priestess and her cargo to safety.

Follow the link below to photos from the event


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