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July 27th, 2013 – New Aldoria Market Faire Event

Prince Aylin, leader of the second largest colony settlement on Mardrun, hosted a market faire event in New Aldoria. Travelers, merchants and adventurers from all over Mardrun were invited to attend. The prince offered this faire as a token of gratitude to all those involved in the civil war and those helping secure a future for the colonists on Mardrun.

As attendees crowded the market and visited each tent to sample wares and barter for goods, the guards of New Aldoria escorted the Prince himself around to all of the vendors of the market faire. Several vendors took advantage of this opportunity to discuss things with the Prince and try to establish themselves with any of his dealings. The Phoenix Syndar, in particular, had a private audience with the prince and much was discussed in regards to trade goods and caravans.

A tournament was held for entertainment and to award those skilled in different areas of combat. Blunted steel weapons were issued in the make and style of the fighter’s choosing so that no real injuries would occur. After numerous rounds of exciting competition, winners were awarded coin from a tournament pool and pendants and rings to showcase their prowess.

Numerous factions interacted with each other and established relations in regards to trade, support, and the overall war effort. Although a thief slipped out of the guards grasps and a crazy preacher spouted off religious nonsense until he was carted away, the event was rather pleasant and civil.

Click here for pictures of the event!

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