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July 269

The land begins to swelter and shimmer in the heat of the summer sun, but life on the lands of Mardrun continues on, even if a little begrudgingly.


To the south in the colony of Daven’s Hold, The Council of Three begin on a personal project to breathe some culture and refinement into their home by building many political buildings and public spaces. Many are excited for this direction The Council of Three have taken, and are more than happy to see more than the cobble stones and shop fronts that seem to be in every corner of the settlement. But some wonder aloud if their desire to go this way is due to the ever growing divide between Governess Catherine and Grand Duke Baron Richards.


In the Citystate of Newhope, the land is filled with the sounds of battle, roars of rage, cries of pain, and cheers. Duke Martingale of Westhaven’s Colosseum has finally completed and is open to the masses for only a few silver. Many peddle their wares of food and “good luck charms”, and as such find jobs within and around the colosseum. Hundreds of people, Colonists and Ulven alike, flood the stands to watch warriors fight one another either in one-on-one battles, group fights, or against powerful bears. Here is where even some of the prisoners who are to be executed are given a chance to earn their freedom, though seldom do. 


To the north, on a small hillock on the borders of Clan Whiteoak and Clan Axehound, a large crowd has gathered for a monumental occasion. A signing of a treaty between the two ever feuding clans, which both agreed upon. While some are wondering why it took so long for these two clans to finally come to this agreement, most understand that some tensions between the clans and their long seated rivalry have made it hard to break the distrust between them. Due to these issues many long meetings between the Clanleaders were needed, and many of them became heated. However, after a few shouting matches, four or five brawls, and almost drawn steel, the two Clanleaders came to an eventual agreement on the terms of the armistice and the rules. Many who have read the treaty were shocked to discover no loopholes and no way to manipulate the treaty to one side’s advantage, believing both made sure neither of them, or their successor’s, could weasel their way out of this honor binding treaty. When both pens signed the treaty, along with the seals of both Clanleaders, many cheered, however even more had doubts on what to expect from their neighbors actions here on out.

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