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July 268

The Continent of Mardrun is a buzz with activity this month, and some of that activity isn’t good news for its residents. 


The infamous Black Market Faire occurred once more and what came with it were some of the biggest movers and shakers of the underworld. Ranging from Pirate Captains, Bandit Lords, high ranking members of organized crime groups, and more. Within that night, it is rumored many deals and hands were shook and it seems that the bandit lords of the Pass and the former Clan Riverhead lands are even more solidified and organized than before. 


The City State of Newhope’s campaign to bring more settlements under their rule seems to be progressing forward with great results. Many settlements, even larger ones, are bending the knee and swearing oaths of fealty to the Council of Six. That being said, Daven’s Hold is also gathering many to their cause, many are Vandregonians and some merchant companies that once had close dealings with Governess Kathrine. It seems these two colonies are slowly becoming rivals.


In Aylin’s Reach, many are curious as to what the Prince has planned as he slowly and steadily expands his rule and solidifies his new colony. Trade Guilds, Libraries, Temples, and other buildings are slowly being built and rumors of a road that will be built to connect the more inland areas to allow for easier commerce. Out of all these however, is the odd single ship that has been sent north to navigate a course to some island. It seems the Prince has his eyes on even furthering his kingdom, but to why he would choose these small islands is anyone’s guess. 


Negotiations between the Clan’s of Whiteoak and Axehound continue at a slow but steady pace. The progress made by Pack Redwind has been  visible as many of the packs within the clans are now halting raids against one another. It is said that the talks have even had a significant decrease in brawls that break out. However there are still brawls that occur, but these brawls seem to be more tests of might and strength rather than one of hatred or bias.

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