July 267

Grand Duke Richards emphatically declares his recent market faire to be a resounding success. The mood was high despite the dark times; drinks and silver flowed like the Yurnai River as merchants set up their tents and hawked their wares to the gathered crowds. Warriors from across Mardrun competed in honorable combat for prizes and the entertainment of the masses. Even Prince Aylin made an appearance so far from home, and without knowing any better, one might think that this was a time of peace, prosperity, and joy rather than the beginnings of a continent-wide war.


On a darker note, wisps of a rumor have floated around about a massive fight that broke out on the coast near the border of Clan Grimward. Apparently, the town guard had a revolt on their hands and was barely able to contain the situation before the army had to be called in. You’d think with something so major, you would have heard a bit more about it.


Pack Redwind, a clanless pack made up of former members of both Clans Axhound and Whiteoak, has been suing for peace between the two rivals for generations, though they have doubled their efforts with the Shield of Mardrun in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Their negotiations have been a string of misfortunes, however: their first negotiator was found dead in Whiteoak territory, and not through an accident or Mordok attack. Their letters have also been met with stubbornness and pride, each side willing to demand sacrifices from the other but neither willing to give anything in return. They have expressed, however, that they plan to continue in their push to unite the clans, or at the very least get them to agree to stop killing each other for a little while.


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