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July 266 – News and Rumors

While the southern end of Mardrun enjoyed a rather quiet month with little going on of note, the northern end of the continent was filled with activity and most of it revolving around the Mordok. With Clan Riverhead territory now fully occupied by Mordok forces, many clans have started to stockpile resources, train warriors and units, and seek to guidance from the Daughters on what they should do next. Many are told to prepare, others are told to try and change the tide, others even recommend taking the fight to the Mordok. But one thing is certain, the Ulven in the northern clans are working overtime to prepare for both winter and the oncoming storm they fear, or even desire.

At the market fair, Wargah Grimward, daughter of the Clanleader of Clan Grimward came to seek the reason as to why the honorbound citizens to Clan Nightriver have been disappearing. If her claims are to be believed, this action has continued for some time and Grimward’s efforts to locate them have gone unanswered and unaided. She wasn’t the only representative seen in Nightriver territory or in the colonies. Representatives were seen entering Clan Nightriver lands with grim looks upon their faces, and asking all those they came across for information relating to this issue. There were few who could give answers, and even more who didn’t know that the honor bound Ulven have been missing.

On a related note, it seems that Holmar Bloodmoon has gained a substantial following of supporters from both within Clan Nightriver and those from outside. Holmar was seen welcoming the Grimward representatives into his home, offering them whatever aid he could provide to help them find their missing clan members. Some are saying this was a bold move for Holmar, who is not a Clan Leader, but also see it as taking initiative on an issue that been seemingly pushed aside by Branthur Nightriver since it was brought to his attention.

Word from Clan Ironmound is that of industry and war, for the entire clan is now preparing for what seems to be the end of days. Smithies work around the clock, mines are working in overtime to provide ore, trainers are working tirelessly to train new and old warriors alike. To top all of this, Gustav Ironmound gave a speech to his pack leaders. He asked they work together, fight smart, and seek and spread the word that the clans need to unite now more than ever, or the Mordok will win in whatever sick plan they have schemed for the Ulven people.

Doom and gloom are not the only feelings to be found in the northern side of Mardrun though. Aylin’s Reach had a sudden increase of colonist’s coming from the main colony in New Aldoria. With the sudden burst of citizens, many are wondering what is going on to cause it. Some say the Prince secretly started a campaign to migrate all his citizens to the newly acquired land. Others suggest that maybe New Hope is taxing the citizens of New Aldoria colony too much. Whatever the reason may be, the expansion of Aylin’s Reach settlement seems to be booming with activity and expansion.

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