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July 24th, 2011 – Last Hope Premier

July 24th – Last Hope Premier
After scheduled trade caravans were delayed and eventually never arrived to the colony of New Hope, a party of adventurer’s were gathered and sent out to investigate the fort of Daven’s Reach.
Upon their arrival, a group of mercenaries impeded their progress and told them they were not to enter the fort. A small skirmish broke out and the mercenaries retreated out of the area.
When the adventurer’s went into the fort, they had discovered that the place was completely vacant. Supplies had been ransacked and there seemed to be nothing of value left. Upon further inspection, they found mutilated body parts and blood around the fort and traces of evidence as to what had happened. They found a clues that something wasnt quite right.
After the fort was cleaned up, the next trade caravan arrived and the fort was back up and running. Some tradesmen in town began to set up shops and hire adventurers to find supplies in the nearby woods. At this time, the Mordok began to hunt in the area and several fights broke out between the adventurer’s and the Mordok.
A group set out to track down the Mordok in the area and investigated a nearby shanty town, apparently abandoned by the miners who used to work the nearby mine head. They came across a Mordok shrine in a building that held a clay idol, which was taken by the group back to the fort. The Mordok ambushed the group and a skirmish took place in the shanty town.
The Mordok pursued the adventurer’s back into the fort and attacked the gates, attempting to find a way in. The defenders of the fort kept them at bay, just barely, and the Mordok wave was repelled.

Photos from the event!

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