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July 23rd, 2017 – Crow’s Landing Market Faire


As the world focuses either on the expansion of infrastructure of colonial territories or the dire threat of the mordok attacks against the Ulven Clans, day to day life continues on in numerous settlements and villages all across Mardrun. Spring gardens give way to early summer harvests and the heat begins to set into the land.

Crow’s Landing, home of the Rangers of Crow’s Landing, has been selected again to hold a market faire, far removed from the frontlines of the mordok conflict. Merchants, nobles, and travelers alike look forward to the yearly festival that allows a mixing of cultures and trade goods. Many merchants have begun to enjoy the fruits of the labor recently and newly paved roads make getting to and from settlements much easier than before. Clan Nightriver traders and merchants, used to the more rugged conditions afforded in Ulven lands, see first hand how prosperity and expansion can benefit everyday life and enjoy the ease of trade.

As travelers from all corners begin their journey to Crow’s Landing, the settlement prepares itself to receive people for the several day occasion. Rumor has it that some nobility may be making an appearance at the faire, their presence a much sought after luxury that could help numerous causes, projects, or agendas.


Those in attendance hoping for a quiet day of revelry and trading were soon to be disappointed as other attendees of note started filtering in. With guards stationed at every entrance to Crow’s Landing with instructions to apprehend Vazra of the Spire for questioning, the air was already thick with tension. Though not publicly announced, Duke Joakim Ventrini and his son spent much of the day conversing with merchants and tradesmen.The arrival of Wargah Grimward, daughter of Clanleader Haygreth Grimward, also shook things up as she began questioning the fairgoers about her missing clanmates. Though answers were not forthcoming, she did eventually leave before creating too much of a scene. Following her departure, the fair was visited by Prince Aylin of New Aldoria, a regular patron of these events. As the festivities drew to a close, though, the Prince became embroiled in negotiations for an item which had been removed from his property. Hearts were pounding and steel was readied as tempers flared. Much to the relief of some and the chagrin of others, the negotiations ended without violence, though it seems the damage done has yet to be seen…

For pictures from this event, follow the link below:


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