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July 2023 – The Key’s Crossing Market Faire

Word has stretched across Mardrun with the announcement of the location of the Annual Market Faire. This year the responsibility and honor has fallen on Key’s Crossing, home of The Ravens. Their settlement has recently undergone an incredible boom in growth and they have officially become a State sanctioned under the authority of Newhope and as such have been given the opportunity to showcase their growth and prosperity.

Before long flyers and criers are seen across Mardrun inviting people to come and join in the festivities of the annual Market Faire. There are boasts of unique grand tournaments and contests. There are subtle mentions of chairs followed by absolute clarification that there will be NO CHAIRS at Keys Crossing, followed again with conspicuous winks. There are announcements of the accepted invitations from a great number of merchants and caravaneers so that there will be no shortage of shopping options.

Soon the cobblestone streets and market squares of Keys Crossing, already festooned with banners and garlands, are filled with throngs of travelers. The taverns pack tight and ply patrons with special concoctions. The Public Market Square erupts into life as local merchants hock their wares to out of town travelers. The City of Keys Crossing, already home to the happiest people on Mardrun, erupts with life.


The day came and went, filled with mirth and good times. Contests were held and victors declared. Medals were given and prize purses distributed. There was even a successful attempt at enchanting held in the woods safely away from the faire goers. Liquor flowed freely through the Faire Grounds of Key’s Crossing as laughter and joy marked the success of this jovial expression of The Raven’s pride in the growth and prosperity of their home.

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