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July 2022 – Festivities at Bladehome

As the hustle and bustle of the last several month’s activities continue to circulate around the continent, focus begins to shift toward the upcoming annual market faire gathering. After Chief Merchants and various administrators have met and discussed options, the decision on where to host it is finally made public and announced to all.

Bladehome, the settlement of the newly expanded Statehood territory of the Broken Blade Company, has put in some behind-the-scenes work to be chosen to host the market faire. Naysayers, used to having a shorter trip to attend the market faire, have already started to be vocal about security concerns over the well-known issue of banditry and lawlessness in this area. However, martial units bearing the Broken Blade Company heraldry have already been seen on patrol and work is in full swing on rebuilding bridges in the territory, so some of these concerns seem to have already been addressed.

As has been the norm at previous political dinners and market faires, there is news of an impending proclamation expected to be made by the City-State of Newhope. Whether it be speculation about the Outlands and the strange Syndar visitors last month, an address to concerns over the previous expeditions and research done into such things, or an official response to the declaration made be the collective Ulven Clans months ago about exerting more supervision and control on colonist activities, the rumor mill is in full swing about it. The exact focus of this official message to the masses is still unknown.

Regardless of big politics, many people are excited to come and peddle their wares or spend their coin at the market faire. Trade routes are already being redirected and travelers prepared to make the journey into former Riverhead territory and Bladehome is expecting a considerable influx of coin and travelers.



The day went largely as Market Faires do. People from all walks spilled into the new home of the Broken Blade Company and were met with indisputably excellent hospitality. Merchants peddled wares and leaders of various groups and factions met to talk shop. Grand feats of strength, cunning, and iron-stomachs ranging from Archery and Melee Tournaments, to messy pie-eating contests dazzled and entertained the crowd. There was even the Unofficial Official return of the Official Unofficial Chairs Street Rules Championships where a new contender appeared from nowhere to take away the prized Golden Stool.

Though there was a great amount of joy and revelry in the air there was also business. A representative from Newhope read out a proclamation written by Grand Duke Richards that stripped Celestial Arragones from her seat on the Newhope Council and removed her as the head of research for the colonies. In her place The Ravens University of Keys Crossing was promoted to stand as the managerial head of all City-State research projects moving forward.

This piece of business could not depress the mood long, however. Before you knew it people were back to their festivities, the fate of Arragones seeming to have no dampening effect on their moods. The day rounded to a close with a hearty drinking song sang together by all in attendence.

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