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July 19, 2014 – Crow’s Landing Market Faire Event

Crow’s Landing attempts to rebuild after a brutal winter. Harsh and cold, the settlement almost perished. Under new leadership, the Rangers have been working hard to rebuild the settlement and bring more food and supplies to the people. Representatives of several factions and political parties have pledged aid and the settlement has been saved.

Baron Richards has invested in a market faire at Crow’s Landing as a way to stimulate the economy and bring merchants and travelers to the settlement. Word has spread and people are traveling with their wares to Crow’s Landing. An announcement has been made that there is to be another set of tournaments and competitors are encouraged to sign up for the title of Champion.

The day was filled with activity as merchants sold their wares, travelers shopped and purchased what they wanted, and tournaments took place and titles were earned. Champions in melee combat, archery, and magic duels were named. Different factions were present and continued negotiations and plans for the civil war were discussed. Prince Aylin was in attendance with his entourage, enjoying the festivities of the faire and boasting about his newly constructed navy of ships.

Later on, the representative from Baron Richards was discovered to be attempting to throw the tournaments and involved in several shady dealings. The Rangers reacted strongly, apprehending him and removing him from the faire by sword point. He was kicked out of the settlement and sent away with a message that Crow’s Landing no longer wishes to deal with Baron Richards and no longer wants his support. Although a good display of power and firmly solidfying the Rangers as the leadership presence within the settlement, rumors and gossip spread like wildfire through the faire about how these actions will anger the Baron and could result in retaliation.

Pictures from the event:

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