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January 27th, 2013 – Watchwolf Tavern Event

As the cold winter snow fell through the sky, the gathered group of adventurers entered the great dining hall of the Watchwolves of Luna. Under Watchwolf and Longfang protection, the people gathered in the hall we invited to a feast to celebrate the victory over the undead plague on Mardrun and to learn more about the cultures of the different groups.

The guests socialized and talked, with the Phoenix Syndar setting up a merchant table, a human dancer entertaining the others and the warriors of the Longfangs and Watchwolves singing hearty songs about Ulven Mead. As dinner was served, an Ulven story teller opened up the floor to the telling of tales and sharing of stories. Several volunteers entertained the guests by contributing to the stories. A story of note that was told was the Ballad of Venator Dreadfang, detailing his life and his sacrifice to kill the lich.

Messenger hawks continued to arrive with letters to different factions and people. Most of them were praise for such great work and others pledges of support or updates.

The festivities were interrupted as two guests confronted Magrat of the Longfangs about her barbaric flesh eating customs. This caused a stir as one of them claimed to be of the Order and threatened that she would report to her superiors. The tense moment was defused as the Longfangs stood by their outsider member and the Watchwolves reminded everyone that other races and cultures have their own unique customs. Raskolf of the Watchwolves sent hunters to stop her from leaving so they could talk and was able to potentially avoid a situation.

The last two messages received by hawk was an anonymous letter calling out the Ulven as domestic dogs and hinted at Venator Dreadfangs betrayals in the past. The final message was sent by none other than Haygreth Grimward himself, sarcastically applauding Raskolf for his work with the colonists. In the letter, Haygreth Grimward subtly promised war against the Western Watchwolves of Luna.

The dinner ended with a final thank you from Raskolf. In his ending remarks, he reminded everyone that in his grim time, everyone needs to stand by one another and accept them and work together as comrades.

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