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January 268

The war rages on in the North, and the world seems to freeze as winter’s grasp finally takes hold on Mardrun. However, much is going on despite the weather.


In the north the war has stopped progress and has opted to perform a tactical retreat back to the Shield of Mardrun. While some Clans, like Clan Grimward, Axehound, Shattered Spear, and Ironmound, wanted to push further, they were convinced to fall back to prevent over exhaustion and unneeded death of more warriors on a gamble.  With the Outposts now garrisoned with a sufficient force to drive back any possible waves of Mordok for the moment, the remaining forces return home to rest, or in some cases, protect themselves.


During the retreat back to the Shield, a very certain  Mordok Shaman appeared and gave chase to the forces helping defend the forces. It seems Clan Axehound’s proclamation of killing the Mordok Shaman that was within the Great Forest last year have been proven false as the creature caused extensive damage to the forces. Other clans are demanding an explanation to how this may have happened, but Clan Axehound has yet to make a statement about these sightings and attacks.


The City State of New Hope seems to be increasing it’s taxes on the people once again. While some are crying out that these taxes are actually hurting them, others are seeing the benefits of their infrastructure being better taken care of and increased guard patrols to handle the bandits. While the true motives of this tax increase are unknown, many are curious as to why and what it will do for them in the future.


The Lictor Mary cul Tricuspis seems to have been cracking down on corruption within the City Guard of New Hope. The reasoning behind this is unknown at this time, but guards have been imprisoned, fined, dismissed, and even executed for some of their crimes. The Watchman, head of the City Guard of New Hope, seems to be working side-by-side with the Lictor. Whatever the reason may be, the small folk are seeing the results of this cleansing and restructuring. Many are feeling safer due to the corrupt officials being punished for their crimes, however there are now reports of bandits and gangs taking up the places of where these guards once thrived.


It seems the world almost forgot about the infamous Captain Morty, for it seems to have been a long time since any news of his doings have come to the ears of Mardrun. Bandits and other roughians speak of his reappearance, and is searching for new members to join his crew. Some are convinced this is the reason why bandits have been so active this winter, trying to impress and make their mark. However, others believe these are different bandit gangs that are vying for power and prestige, but as to what ends is unknown.

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