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January 265 – News and Rumors

To usher in the new year, the colony of Newhope has opened their doors to Clan Nightriver and members of the Coalition. Representatives will venture into the Raven’s District of the city in the month of February to make their case before a Clan Nightriver representative to receive their share of reparations from Clan Grimward. The possibility of many movers and shakers present will be substantial, giving those also in attendance a chance to rub elbows with people they may otherwise never meet. There is also rumor that leaders and members of the current “Coalition” will be meeting to discuss the future of this group.

Clan Stormjarl has been adamantly vocal about their attitude toward this treaty, decrying it as dishonorable and insulting. Clanleader Graytir Stormjarl, much to the ire of Branthur, has sent out letters inviting members of the Coalition to stand with him in defying the document, retaking their homelands and seeking vengeance on Clan Grimward for the war crimes they committed. It seems that Clan Stormjarl has no intention to back down from the injustice they were dealt by Clan Grimward and rumors spread about mercenaries and warriors finding work in the future with the Clan.

Not to be outdone, Prince Aylin of New Aldoria has also dispatched a number of hawks bearing a much more cryptic message. Any who are interested in his employment are invited to contact him via hawk or courier before the spring to discuss terms, though he has made no real indication of his intentions at this point. Talk runs wild with speculation… is New Aldoria invading the colony of Newhope? Is there a new construction project planned? Is New Aldoria sending troops to fight somewhere? Are the Marines of New Aldoria leading a voyage back to Faedrun? Nobody seems to know for certain at this time.

Rumors have filtered through taverns and street corners of a dispute beginning to boil over between Baroness Catherine and the Marquess Madeline d’Argent. The recent surge of activity from Daven’s Reach has prompted the Baroness to once again push to retake the trade hub once in her possession. The Marquess, though her influence has been reduced following the election of Lord Baron Richards, still holds a great deal of power over the Newhope military, but refuses to devote the troops to such a personal campaign. The Lord Baron Richards seems to have no priority placed on retaking Daven’s Reach; some view this as a further insult to the Lord Baron’s previously biggest rival.

Worry seems to grip a number of merchants that travel freely through the territories of Mardrun. The recent civil war forced numerous clans and colonies to use up a lot of supplies and food or focus attention away from the farms and fields during prime harvest time. Reports of settlements faring poorly and scraping by or not having the coin and trade they used to seems commonplace in the trading posts and markets around the continent. Clan Nightriver is even rumored to be on the verge of a food crisis; the recent arrival of honor bound villagers and warriors as payment from Clan Grimward further putting a strain on already taxed food stores. While the fight is over, the residual consequences of the costs of this civil war appear to be gripping numerous colonies and Clans.

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