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January 263 – News & Rumors

This letter was sent out to several Coalition and Clan Nightriver settlements.

To Clan Nightriver and the Colonists, to the Coalition of Allies on Mardrun,
We, the people of Clan Stormjarl, are reaching out to you for aid. In Clan Grimward’s conquest for war, they have given us no choice but to join them or face their wrath. My clan does not share in their views of destruction and death for the colonists and took a stand, that we would not join them and in return they march against us in war. My people will stand strong and protect our borders, but even now the reports of brutal fighting and death have reached me. Clan Whiteoak warriors have been seen alongside Clan Grimward’s war packs and they outnumber us. Even in the bitter cold of winter, their warriors press on and attack our villages and settlements. Brave Clan Stormjarl war packs march to battle but without support, I fear that we simply do not have the numbers to hold out against them.
I fear that Clan Grimward will use hawk-hunters and stop our future messages, so this may be the last message you receive until the spring.
I have heard reports of a coalition army of allies leaving the Yurnai River and marching north to help the Watchwolf Clan. Will warriors be sent to replace them, to assist us in our efforts?
Recently leaders of your factions sent us letters via hawk stating that you would send help, that you would rally with us against Clan Grimward, that words were being spoken to the other clans to join this war, that we do not fight this war alone.
I pray that your words bear truth. If they do not, my people may very well only survive this war in the sagas and stories of the Lorespeakers.
Signed,Graytir Stormjarl – Clanleader of Clan Stormjarl

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