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January 23rd, 2016 – Spoils of War Traveling Event

Pre-Event Summary:
With the war officially winding down and the two armies heading home for the rest of the winter, news has reached the Coalition and Nightriver allies of a village on the edge of Watchwolf and Ironmound territory. Recently overrun by Grimward forces, it was apparently used as a supply storage and rumors say it still contains a large amount of food and supplies that were taken from nearby Clan Ironmound villages. In Grimward’s haste, they abandoned the village during their retreat but will most likely be returning to retake the supplies.

A bold plan is being devised to go and take these “spoils of war” before Grimward collects them and return them to allies or keep them for personal gain. There is a legitimate claim that these supplies are open for the taking since they were most likely stolen from numerous villages or brought in as part of the Grimward supply line. These supplies will either need a coordinated effort or multiple wagons and drag-sleds in order to take away from the village. Some are concerned that whoever owns the village may lay claim to the supplies and there may be others attempting to take it as well. As the deep freeze of winter finally settles in, the need for food will make these supplies precious and worth quite a bit to numerous other settlements.

Post-Event Summary:
After rough traveling through the recent hard packed snowfall, the group of Coalition members and others that tagged along arrived at the location of the village. Discussions of how the group would handle the spoils and how the work would be divided up common along the way. Upon arriving at the village, it was clear something was amiss. Inside the village were armed men, some with expensive armor and equipment, bearing no flags or heraldry. At first they claimed they owned the village, but it was soon discovered that they were not the owner of the village. Negotiations began as the armed group inside the village eagerly sought after the wagon that the Coalition members had brought with them.

Shortly after that, a group of ulven approached the Coalition’s wagon and introduced themselves as the villagers of Oakbrook. They claimed that the armed men took over their village and refused to leave; discussion erupted into violence as they were driven back from the village. The villagers pleaded with the Coalition members to help them retake their village so that their people could come back to their homes. Driven away during the civil war, these villagers were trying to help their people survive and reorganize their village.

A series of discussions and negotiations took place as the armed men in the village refused to hand over the supplies without striking a deal and they claimed that the villagers were spinning lies. Back and forth the discussions went until finally the Coalition group organized and decided to help the villagers. Hard terms were delivered to the armed men of the village who turned out to be soldier’s of Daven’s Reach; they were to leave and would be given a small share as a token of appreciation. An argument erupted and escalated into a fight, as the coalition members and the villagers allied together and attacked the soldiers of Daven’s Reach. A brief but fierce fight broke out, resulting in the soldiers being driven from the village. Curses and shouts of retribution were given by some of the surviving Daven’s Reach members, but the Coalition stood firm in their decision to drive them out and help the villagers. Fallen soldiers were given mercy and their wounds tended to; some of them even deciding to help the Coalition or some of those that tagged along with the small caravan. Some of the soldiers were killed in the fight, however, so worry about how Daven’s Reach will respond was heard being discussed among the Coalition members.

With the fighting over, the Coalition members made good on their deal to leave supplies for the villagers so that they may feed their people through the winter and even left more supplies than what was agreed upon. The villagers were pleased, knowing they can rebuild and help their people survive the winter. The remaining spoils of war were loaded into the wagons or carried on the backs of those present and taken south to rejoin with allies moving back towards colony territory.

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