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January 20th, 2018 – The Great Forest Hunt


Last month, visitors came to Clan Ironmound territory to meet with representatives and delegates of the different Clans of the ulven people. Tensions were high as wounded honor and feuds threatened to derail some of the focus of the upcoming Grand Moot. The leaders were able to discuss many options of what the future could hold and directions the ulven people could take.

Camilla Birchborne, acting High Priestess of Clan Riverhead, brought with her two important messages. The first, was that Clan Riverhead was no more; with the death of the Clanleader, the impending passing of the ill Warleader, and the breakdown of the High Priestess, the leadership of Clan Riverhead has been ravaged in a short amount of time. The surviving Chieftains have supported this new direction of being absorbed into other Clans, primarily Clan Shattered Spear. The second, is that Camilla believes there is an upcoming great portent that the ulven people must not dismiss. Next month in January, the moon will shine full not once but twice, and she and the other priestesses feel that this is the time for action for the ulven people.

The Grand Moot was held and was over surprisingly fast. Setting aside differences… for now… the ulven people as a whole will begin coordinating with the colonists to sweep through and clear ulven lands, primarily the Great Wolf’s Hackles and the Great Forest, to prepare for a large construction project to build a series of defenses to the north. The time for ulven to sit idly by and allow each Clan to fend for themselves is over; the “Ulven Pack” is coming together and taking the fight to the mordok.

With the blessings of the High Priestesses of the Clans, the Warleaders have begun putting together warpacks of veteran warriors that will join the Great Wolf in his hunt on the first full moon of the year instead of staying indoors. Veteran ulven and warriors looking to gain word fame have pledged their support and hope to be chosen.

As the first step of taking the fight to the mordok, a group of ulven warpacks and their colonist allies are moving into the Great Forest to sweep and clear it of mordok. Forcing confrontation with the mordok is key to the victory as any tribes or group of mordok slipping through and rejoining other mordok will prolong the efforts of clearing ulven territory.



Warmth spread through the land as the hunt began, seeming to bless the assembled warriors in their duty. Plans for an assault were quickly drafted and thrown into chaos shortly thereafter as the bloodied and broken warriors of Pack Longfang arrived, some seeming to be on the verge of death. Prioritizing the safety of their allies over the hunt itself, time and resources were allocated to getting the warriors back on their feet and fighting fit. The fleeing Mordok, pressed by Steinjottun warpacks, sensed this stall and tried to press into the camp itself; through a hard won battle they were repelled, but the urgency of the situation was not lost on those in the camp. Groups were organized to travel out and do battle with the Mordok throughout the day, and though the cost was high, several decisive victories were won against the often elusive foes.

The discovery of a nearby corruption site and the presence of a powerful shaman were cause for concern, though capable warriors and casters agreed to join both fights. Clerics ventured to the corruption site, ultimately destroying the idol within and dispersing the dark magic from the area. The fight against the shaman, however, was less successful. Confronted by a new, faster version of corruption and a powerful staff, the warriors facing the shaman were eventually overwhelmed by the surrounding Mordok coupled with the shaman’s unnatural toughness and powerful arsenal. At the end of the day, a great many Mordok lay slain in the melting snow, though the shaman was not counted among them. Though the Great Forest was not cleared in its entirety, Mordok movements and numbers have been greatly disrupted and many strategists believe it will take them months to recover any form of substantial fighting force.



Click here to view pictures from the event!

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