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March 2022 – Rumors of Raiders


Rumors have spread like wildfire across the continent as reports have claimed that heavily armed and armored raiders have struck border settlements. One happened to be in City-State of Newhope territory and the other in Clan Shattered Spear territory. Some are saying it’s an organized bandit group, others are saying it’s an escalation of Ulven tensions boiling over, still others say its colonists raiding to stir up trouble for Ulven groups. Facts are slower than rumors and it may take some time for the different territories to find out what is going on.

However, several wealthy merchants who secured some lucrative deals are concerned that their caravans of goods moving in and out of Clan Goldenfield are ripe for the picking. A call has been made for mercenary security to provide a solid presence in the area to deter bandits, raiders, or anyone looking to stir up trouble. It doesn’t pay much, but the volume of guards that will soon be patrolling the area means that it should be a strong deterrence and relatively easy work. A trader has mentioned in the pub that hunters have been seen in the woods looking for rare plants. A farmer has loose lips about his worries over a supposed territory dispute between some Ulven in the area. Others whisper rumors of “hungry ghosts” seen in the dense fog of the unusually warm end of the winter season.

As the groups come and go and check in with the local communities in the area to secure proof that they are doing the patrols and keeping the area safe, it is up to them to get involved with the local communities and see what is happening or to stick to the task at hand while on the road.



An outpouring of support found its way to the merchant caravans moving through eastern Mardrun, eventually culminating in a small Goldenfield farming community. Upon arrival in the area the volunteers and travelers found themselves standing between two opposing sides of a land dispute. A prominent farmer had passed away with no set heir, leaving a large tract of farmland up for grabs and two half-sibling children who felt they had equal rights to the lands.

Some of the travelers spoke with these claimants, but by and large no one seemed to feel that they had any rights to speak on the Ulven land claim issue, choosing instead to focus on the patrols and contract work available in the area. Eventually the two sides agreed to hold an honor duel between themselves and their supporters. The son, Vigmar, sustained moderate wounds in the duel and yielded his claim to his half-sister, Hilde and things seemed as though they would quiet down for the rest of the day.

Soon after a pair of scouts from a military unit in the area burst into the outpost and alerted everyone that a small group of bandits had bypassed their unit and made their way to the nearby farmlands. The bandits quickly set to work harassing the local people and a traveling tavern in the area, eventually leading to a fist fight that broke out into a full, weapons drawn conflict. Eventually a group of locals and volunteers made their way out to the farms and dealt with the small band of bandits, bringing a peaceful air back to the village and farms.

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