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January 18th, 2020 – Divination and Research

Snow fell lightly upon the land in the village of Garjnatka, creating a scenic landscape for all those who traveled there to either help the Celestial Arragones’s research team or for their own gains. However, while the land looked peaceful there was danger lurking in the woods surrounding the village. Mordok were spotted skulking through the woodlands, while few in number, there were enough to put people on edge. Thankfully there were plenty of armed volunteers to drive the threat away whenever it did rear its ugly head.

Many gathered and assisted the research team, heading out into the snowy foothills of the Great Wolf Hackles to help further hone the divination ritual that was being used to locate items of interest across Mardrun. With help from the volunteers, the research team was able to work outside the village without much worry from the wandering Mordok. Back at the camp, many peddled their wares and feasted around the campfire throughout. Some even celebrated a Syndarian holiday which was taught to and shared all around the village.

However, at the end of the day all of the efforts of the research team and those who aided them paid off. The data collected from the multiple tests out in the field paid off as it gave the research team and those aiding from Clan Spiritclaw a direction to further enhance and improve the ritual. Those present began to celebrate before the icy cold winds from the Great Wolf Hackles bellowed down and reminded the village that winter still held the land in its frigid fingers.

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