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January 14th, 2011 – The Wayward Inn

Business has picked up at the Wayward Inn as the place is cleaned up and repaired. The Wayward now has a full-time innkeeper and staff and travelers, merchants, and adventurers come and go. Several groups of patrons enjoyed feasts, drinks, gambling games, tales or heroic and/or dastardly deeds, and overall tavern life. A few members of the group sat down and discussed some of the items that had been discovered over the last couple months, but a lot of questions remain without answers.

However, the roads outside are still dangerous. There are no patrols of guards or adventurers that protect the roadways and bandits have been making a living preying off of travelers. There were several attacks on the road by bandits and several adventurers were wounded and beaten up but no lives were lost. Hired swords to fill guard duty jobs were in demand as resources and reagents were searched for and recovered in the woods.

The Mordok continue to prowl the area in small but lethal numbers. A small group of adventurers went out to escort a healer to the local farm. The farmer and his family provide food to the Wayward, but upon arriving at the farm it was discovered that the entire family was slaughtered. At first bandits were suspected but that idea was dismissed after the Mordok soon appeared. A few fierce battles broke out in the woods near the Inn and several adventurers were severely wounded and there was even a raid on the Inn itself, but the Mordok were repelled or beaten back. Most of the adventurers were too well equipped or numerous for the Mordok to fight, so the battles quickly dissolved into small skirmishes or Mordok prowling just outside of arrow range.

As night settled in on the Wayward, there was a messenger that came to the Wayward and delivered an invitation to a number of the adventurers of all factions and backgrounds. There is to be a political dinner in Newhope hosted by a number of nobles and barons and numerous faction leaders. The nobility has extended this invitation to the adventurers that have been at the center of a lot of commotion lately.

Photos from the event!

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