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Jadd Hatchen

PLAYED BY: James Sampers



CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 25

RACE: Human

HAIR: Dark

EYES: Brown

OCCUPATION: Raised and trained to be a blacksmith.

KNOWN SKILLS: A skilled and well trained blacksmith who is willing to repair both everyday items as well as armor and weapons.

BIRTHPLACE: Born in Aldoria.

APPEARANCE: Average height and weight, plain to look at.

NOTABLE TRAITS: Nothing of note.

RELATIONSHIPS: None, seeking to restart after the loss of his family.

RUMORS: “He’s lived a hard life, but his work is good.” “A man of his word, because that’s all he has.”
BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY: Jadd was born 10 years prior to the trip across the sea to the new lands. His father was a good blacksmith as his father before him. His mother helped to brew some of the local ales and other alcoholic beverages sought out at the local inns and bars. But this did not last. The war against the undead came and Jadd’s mother died. He and his father sold all their possessions and booked passage on ship to the new world. Following that hard trip, Jadd and his father setup a small business as a blacksmith for a time in New Aldoria. Once they had enough money, his father had plans to move elsewhere to establish himself in a new settlement. They went north towards Starkhaven and ended up settling near Daven’s Reach. Soon after this, his father succumbed to sickness and died that winter.
Jadd took over the smithy and eventually married. He had both a son and a daughter. Then during the Ulven Civil war, Starkhaven requested help with an expedition to secure a pass in the Wolf’s Hackles Mountains. Jadd agreed to go and left his family and smithy. The expedition was assisted by Clan Nightriver. The way was difficult and the expedition ultimately failed. Upon their return, Jadd found that Clan Grimward had raided his smaller village while he was away. His entire family (and the village) was killed in that raid.
Jadd is now on his own with no ties. After burying his family and his sorrows, he has decided to go further east, away from Clan Grimward. Perhaps he may yet help out another settlement now that a truce has been worked out.

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