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Isaac Vakarian II

PLAYED BY: Jared Garske



CLASS: Cleric

AGE: 19

RACE: Human

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Green

OCCUPATION: Field Medic. Keeping others patched up until they can receive proper healing and care.

KNOWN SKILLS: Training in one-handed swords, basic divine magic, first aid, and knowledge of anatomy.

BIRTHPLACE: The continent of Faedrun.

APPEARANCE: Long hair, full facial hair (occasionally trimmed), and wears large, baggy clothes for freedom of movement. Adds leather armor over a gambeson when out in the field.

NOTABLE TRAITS: Craves knowledge as to anything involving the undead, wanting to understand how they work and why they exist.


“To enter Death’s domain means the end of us. But where we end, something far more ghastly and horrendous rises to take our place. Spare any and all who meet this fate from dragging the living down with them, and bringing about The Second Fall…”

The man who raised me, Isaac Vakarian I, always stressed that the Undead are a burden, a plague, an epidemic which must one day be eradicated forever, and hopefully soon. While not my father by blood, this man treated me as any would their first born. My true parents were lost to hordes on Faedrun, leaving me in his care for the new colony of Newhope. Being a doctor and surgeon by profession, he passed on what knowledge he could to me before his passing in 259. While not fully trained, I had enough skills to continue giving aid to those who needed it. My true purpose though, is to come and understand that which my father feared. To find the way to end the undead once and for all, and I couldn’t do that by merely staying in Newhope.

At the mere age of 12, I sold what possessions that weren’t vital to raise enough capital to travel across Mardrun, practicing my trade and learning what I could about the Undead from those few who fought them in Faedrun and lived to tell their tales. I toured with caravans, merchants, and mercenaries, offering my services as payment. It was from one particular band of warriors, that a man I simply knew as Revan, taught me how to properly wield a sword that I may defend myself. It was also from Revan that I became blessed with the knowledge of Ulfkell the Battle Father. While every man and woman should have the strength to savor their lives, we’re not infallible. Having one’s strength and Ulfkell’s blessings, we have the potential to save all.

With that being the case, I’ve decided to journey to the northern-most borders of civilization, to the Dirge Swamp. I’ve heard of the campaigns that the Ulven and other warriors wage against the Mordok to capture new territory. I’ve discovered everything that I can feasibly through the stories of others. Short of returning to Faedrun, this is the best chance that I have of discovering why. Why do we return from the dead? Why is something less than human? Why now? What changed in the past century that has led us to this land? To this fate? Hopefully the answers I seek lie in the Swamp or The Outlands further north. By Ulfkell, I’ll find the truth, or die pursuing our salvation.

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