Player: Charlie Corcoran
Character Name: I’sa
Class: Rogue Race: Human
My name is I’sa and I was born in the year 234. From birth I was to be cursed with a life of hardship, grief and being thrown aside as an outcast. I was born in the May’kar Dominion where my mother used to tell me stories about an independent and proud people. Who would have known that these stories would make me the person I am today? From what I remember, my mother was a beautiful woman with a passion for nature and the riches it could provide. She operated a small alchemist store where she spent most of her time creating potions for the Aldorian Armies. When she had any free time she would try to spend the most of it with me. I know nothing of my father and nor do I care to ever find out.
I spent my life growing up in the Kingdom of Aldoria. I was too young to remember the undead turning my people to darkness, but I was reminded daily by those I grew up around. We were the lucky ones that just happened to be on a caravan delivering unique ingredients in exchange for medical supplies to Aldoria when our kingdom fell to the undead. There were twelve of us on the journey, though only my mother and I did not return to our home. Growing up was an everyday battle, from being called a traitor for what my people did to just getting my ass kicked. I had to learn early how to fight just so the other kids knew that if they tried anything, I wasn’t going to make it easy. My mother raised me alone and I helped around the shop picking up the skills that I would need later in life. Life went on like this until the day my life was again turned upside down.
I was eighteen when the cheers echoed through our small village about the defeat of the May’Kar. Everyone was overjoyed and one could have thought there was a festival being held. We could over hear people walking by our dilapidated house saying, “Well, there are still two that haven’t been butchered yet,” and we knew we wouldn’t be able to stay here much longer. My ailing mother wouldn’t make it on a long journey and anyway, where would we go? Two months later my mother passed and I was left to fend for myself, until a chance encounter would change my life forever.
It was a night of terrible storms where one could get lost going from one end of the village to the other when a “knock” came to my door. Normally only people collecting money would knock, but maybe someone finally had the balls to come to try an make this my final night. As I opened the door I saw 3 large men wearing armor like I had never seen before. “What?” was the only word I could think to say, knowing I probably wouldn’t live to say another. He almost chuckled at me and turned around to show me 2 wounded men who would not make it without healing. With no more healers around due to the war I was his only chance. I stared at him and said, “I will save them, but you must let me join you and get me out of these lands.” I didn’t care who they were or what they were doing. I just knew that I didn’t want to wait for death, may it be by the people around me or the fast approaching undead.
Over the next few years we did what was necessary to survive. The day we heard that Aldoria had fallen was the happiest day of my life. Everyone else was talking about how this was the end of days and how we are doomed to the undead. I was probably the only person thinking about throwing my own little festival. We made the decision to take what money we could get our hands on and help us secure passage to this proclaimed New World. I say whatever is to become of our future it will be better than what has happened in the past. No compasion! No remorse! My new family will survive no matter the cost that we must endure!

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