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Illa Aldric

Player Name: Alex Nelson
Character name : Illa Aldric
Race: Human
Class: Warrior


The snow falls , seasons have changed and entered in to the end of the yearly cycle. This year was colder than most. This was the year Illa was 9 years old. There had been rumors that stores were low in many of the neighboring villages. The toll of the war against the undead was showing. Her father was quite the pack-rat. He always had plenty of food, oil, spices and many other supplies. This town was coveted by all in the local are as many of the traders came back and forth between the villages. Soon many of these traders kept coming to see father, trying to get more and more of his stores. Silver was not the problem, there was just no food to buy. Soon, father started to turn them away. At first they left without question, but as time went on things became more and more desperate. The conversations started with begging and then after a while turned to anger and threats. She was scared; she wished they would all leave her family alone. Go to a place where everyone has food. She wanted to give them food; she didn’t understand why they could not share with the strangers. One night, her Father sat her down to quell her protests, in mid conversation there was a noise and then an eerie silence. Her father’s face blanked with fear, he knew what was happening. “Quiet girl hide in the crawlspace, take these furs bundle well. Never make a noise. And don’t come out till I come and get you no matter what!” her father commanded. She scurried quickly into the crawlspace, huddling in the small dark corner of the underside of her home. Noises, crashing and screaming that was her mother’s voice. That was her father’s, and many other screams she did not know their owner. The traders who left angry had been captured by a large group of bandits seeking food and supplies to keep them alive. To save their lives they gave the bandits information about a large store of food. In the end, signing the death warrant of her family and the rest of the village. Hours and hours of noise and fear she didn’t freeze the house above her was a blazing inferno keeping her warm and awake to hear the village’s final screams die into the night.
As the fear set in and the reality of the situation was finally understood. When she realized she was truly alone, stress and emotion took her, racking her body with sadness, passing out slowly to the sounds of death and destruction. A short time later, the next day perhaps, the cold set in. Listening to her father she did not move. He did not come to get her; somewhere inside she was hoping he was still alive. She knew better, she just didn’t want to believe it.
The chill of winter spread slowly over her body. The sounds of her stomach were the only thing letting her know that the time frame she had been hiding here was longer than it should have been. Somewhere inside she decided she did not want to be alone in this world. She was ok with just passing on to the next life. The cold was the only thing that she felt. The numbness caressed her body like a loving parent taking her to bed. She was so scared and now as things calmed she just wanted to sleep. Just sleep forever.
As her eyes went to close for the last time there was a noise, distant at first but getting closer. She became aware of many footsteps and a dog. Scratching and panting and sniffing through the rubble of what was once her home above her. She tried to make a noise but she was too weak she could barely breathe let alone move. And then it happened, that warm breath the cold nose and then all the licking. The last she remembered was this prickly beard and being lifted from her soon to be grave. “It’s ok child, you are now safe” said Ivar.
Time had passed; she had been taken care of, her wounds from the cold healed. Now considered the property of Ivar (Jarl of the brotherhood of the long winter), she was given a new purpose, a new life, a new family. She was traveling, protecting, living, belonging, becoming, and having a second chance at life, having safety and love from the people who chose her.

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