Humans are a playable race in both the Last Hope series and the Last Hope – The Old World event. There are no racially specific garb or cosmetic requirements for humans.The Humans are by far the most abundant race in Last Hope. This is true even on Mardrun. The Syndar have a long gestation and the Ulven are scattered and it has been difficult to determine their true numbers. The Humans of Mardrun are a diverse and interesting lot. They range from scholars and explorers looking for knowledge and adventure in the new land, to scoundrels and criminals either running from or sentenced by the law in Faedrun. Humans adapt and learn quickly, flourishing in any class they choose. The religions and politics of the humans are as diverse as they are, with very little holding true for the entire race, some even choose to believe there are no gods at all.

If you want to be free to do your own thing, without the need for makeup or strict guidelines, you should play a human.


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